Women Fashion Necklaces


Women are always fond of jewelry. They always want to look special and different.  To portray their beauty and glamour, they wear different kinds of jewelry. Amongst all the jewelry, a beautiful necklace enhances their beauty most powerfully and attracts maximum attention. There is no match to the expressiveness of a beautiful necklace.

Today, necklaces are available in the market in various designs and material. From expensive diamond and gold necklace to inexpensive necklace made from glass, metal wood, plastic and beads. Being fashionable doesn’t mean you can wear anything. You must choose the right necklace that suits and complement your personality because it is the most elegant jewelry among all ornaments. Here are some latest trends in necklace fashion.

Bead necklace

Beaded necklaces are available in various kinds of materials and designs. Beaded silver necklace, stone beaded necklace, tribal necklace, pearl necklace, and beaded costume jewelry necklace. Costume beaded necklace are made from glass, plastic, wood and many other material by stringing or threading. The beads of different shapes, size and gorgeous colors give unique fashionable look to a woman’s neck. Beaded necklace can be worn with simple but dignified clothing.

Pearl necklace

Today pearl necklace are very much in fashion. Pearl necklaces come in exclusive designs; from short necklace to designer long necklace. They give a very simple, sober, classic and charming look.

Gold necklace

Gold necklaces are a sign of status and are available in unlimited designs including long, and short chains, pendants and choker.  They are most valuable and treasured ones.

Fashion necklace

Jewelry designers design these necklaces according to the fashion trend. Fashion necklace can be found in gold, silver, beads, pearl, bone, metal or any other material. Today simple thin chain necklace are worn all over the world with a pendant to look graceful. These pendants can be made of gold, silver, diamond, pearl, gemstone or any other material.


Chokers are worn in India which is set very close to the neck made of gold, silver, pearl or any other material.

Diamond Necklace

An elegant diamond necklace is worn in parties and weddings by upper section of society and gives a graceful appearance. They are precious and costly.

Costume necklace

Costume necklace are made from inexpensive materials and metals and are affordable. They have gained popularity because of the rising cost of fine jewelry. They are made from wood, and stone, shell, glass and metals.  But they come in such a wide variety and designs that every one can get their own desired piece.