Why HTTPS Should Be Enabled on Your Website

Why HTTPS Should Be Enabled on Your Website?

In this post we will see the main reasons that why HTTPS should be enabled in your website? First you should know what is HTTP? HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is application layer protocol used for transferring and receiving the information. This is basically present information to the user. Google also prefer the HTTPS sites in search ranking. Google always care about user’s privacy and their interest. Google also officially announce that https site will slightly boost in Google ranking. So if you still running the http site then move on and change it to https site and take the benefits

Important Reasons Why You Should Use HTTPS for Website?

1) HTTPS is good for Search Ranking

Google ranking is most important for every site because Google Search Engine in the top best search engine in internet world. 95% people use the Google search for gather any information. Google always give the preference to the https websites in his search engine. Google just officially announce for giving slight boost in search ranking for the https website by changing his algorithm. So if you go with HTTPS then you can get the advantages in search of your website.

2) HTTPS is good for Site Visitors

User privacy is more important in the internet world. Everyone wants to leave any information on the secure website only. For example, in the ecommerce site the user needs to enter their credit card information password etc. If the websites with http then users don’t want to enter these private information. Simultaneously if your website is secure (HTTPS) then user enter the private information without any worry. User Privacy is important and HTTPS makes secure the user privacy. So move with https and feel user secure with your secure websites.

3) HTTPS is required for AMP.

AMP is a technique to accelerate the website pages in the mobile devices. AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages). It helps to load your pages in the mobile so quickly. AMP is also important for SEO. Google is going to make AMP as a priority in his search ranking. So f you want to use the AMP then first your need to make your site secure. Go and convert your website in https then use AMP for your websites.

4) Google Prefers Indexing of Mobile Website

HTTPS is always on priority over HTTP in the index because of security. The website that opens well in mobile will have the most visitors. Google also going to give the preference to the mobile site in his search ranking. As we discussed about AMP and AMP can be use only if you have HTTPS website. So first thing you have to make the site with https then AMP.

5) Browser Show “Not secure”

Chrome browser has announced that it will show “NOT SECURE” in his address for the entire http website. You can imagine if the users see not secure in address bar for your website then why he will come in your website? So you can understand the importance of https. Chrome is the product of Google and you know the Google importance in the internet world. So if you are still running the not secure website then you should move for secure website (https). Once you take the SSL certificate then browser will show the “SECURE” in their address bar. After seeing secure in the address bar of browsers, user will prefer to visit your website. Also you can boost your website ranking.

In this post you have gone through with the 5 main reasons why HTTPS should be enabled on your website? Please share this post to your friends so that they can also know about HTTPS importance and take the benefits of secure website.

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