What is Online Marketing? – Step by Step Guide

What is Online Marketing? - Step by Step Guide

What is online marketing? – Step by Step Guide. It is very important for everyone to know about this topic, especially those who want to make a career in the online field or who want to increase their business further online. So online marketing is different from normal or offline marketing. If seen, this is also a type of marketing that just works online instead of Offline.

The Advertisers do not need to show their advertisements at home, but Internet is used here for this purpose. As we know how much is the reach of internet and in this cases both brands and Advertisers are very much interested to do the advertisement of their products. Let’s start about online marketing in brief and know what is online marketing?

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What is online marketing?

These are many doubts that what is online marketing in the right context. So let me tell you that Online Advertisement is a marketing strategy where internet is used at a moderate level to get website traffic and targeted visitors. Advertisers can access their targeted Customers correctly by using Online Advertising.

As we know that now the door to door advertisement takes lot of time and expects as well. The best way of advertisement of brands is online promotion. But most people in India do not believe in online things, so it is very important to have complete knowledge about online marketing. Since displaying things online, this can easily reach more people and those who need those things can also reach it by searching online. Therefore the importance of online marketing has increased significantly in the present

Since 1990, the number of users who use Internet has increased a lot, due to which exponential growth of online advertising has increased. Gradually, this small organization is also expanding its expansion. Online Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing or Online Advertising.

How to Buy Online Advertisement?

There are three main tools to buy online advertising, which we will now know about.

Cost per Thousand (CPM):

Advertisers have to pay money when their messages are exposed in front of specific audiences.

Cost per Click (CPC):

Advertisers have to pay money when a user clicks on their ads.

Cost per Action (CPA):

Advertisers have to pay money when a particular action is taken by a customer, such as if a purchase is made.

Examples of online advertising

Banner ads,

Search engine result pages,

Social networking ads,

Email spam,

Online classified ads,

Pop-ups, Contextual ads


Types of Online Advertising

Online Advertising has increased substantially since its origin, where if we talked about advertising earlier, only static images would have been that which used to pops up at the top of any website. If we talk about today, then we can get to see a wide variety of online advertising that we can use according to our needs. Here below I have provided complete information about this so that you can get information about the types of online advertising.

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Display Ads

These are the original forms of online advertising, they are the same visual ads that appear on third party websites (usually those that have some kind of link to your content) Display ads have evolve quite a lot from their basic form. , They are coming from something like this:

Static images – These are the same basic banner and square ads that appear around your content.

Text – These are text ads that are made with the help of algorithms and which are related only to the surrounding content.

Floating banners – These ads can float on top of the regular website’s content and can also move around the screen.

Wallpaper – These are mainly seen in the background of the website which covers the entire page.

Popup ads – These appear in front of the website content like new windows and if any visitor clicks them, they are displayed in front of the main screen.

Flash – These are like moving ads, which are called “flash” and they show different content to the viewer.

Video – These are small video ads, which are often auto played and sometimes they have to be played by the user if they want to see it.

Display ads are mostly affordable. If you directly contact a third-party site, they can tell you the rates. These rates are different for site to site. Some third-party sites like Google Display Network allow you to show demographic, geographic, contextual and / or behavioral targeting ads on your site, according to your audience, which means target your audience. Who want to see or buy your products?

Social Media Ads

If we talk about 2017, a survey has revealed that about $ 190 billion has been traded from Social Media Commerce in the whole world. This is a marketing arena which is not only efficient but also very effective. It has a very similarity to display Ads, from which can be anything from simple banner or image to auto-play vide.

Social Media advertising is very good advertising because here you can target your audience in a good way. For example, in Face book you have many options like age, region, interests, educational background etc.

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Types of Social Media Advertisements:

Organic – which makes loyalty and gives feedback from your target audience, which we can also call a new version of word-of-mouth.

Paid – Provides leverage from promoted posts and helps to reach specific people.

Here are the best platforms for Target:

LinkedIn B2B for sale

For Face book display and for funnel marketing

Stumble Upon for amazing and attention-grabbing content

And if you have a good budget, then you can choose the given platform as well: –







Here you can also create your own Social Media campaigns or you can work with a marketing agency to create your campaign.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is the most trusted marketing of online paid advertising. SEM works on the basis of keywords. Here you can bid on your keywords with the help of search engines so that you can rank your website better on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). All SEM ads that are appearing are those text ads on Google, Bing and other search engines. They are always listed on the top and sides of the SERP. Paid ads are either Pay per Click (PPC) or Cost per Thousand (CPM).

Pay per Click (PPC)

Your bids, which are on keywords and your results, appear on the top of the SERP according to their bid value. This is a very good value package because here you are charged when people click on your ads. It is also easy to track them during campaign.


Here you are charged a flat rate of 1,000 impressions. That’s why it makes your budget easy. Here you can also get a loss if anyone does not click on your ads.

With this, you cannot track or access the campaign until your campaign ends.

You can also use SEM in unpaid form by optimizing your website’s keywords (also called SE). Here search engines list your unpaid results, base their relevance, so if you improve your site’s SE, you get some hits in free also to improve the SE of your site.

The best platform for SEM is Google Ad Words; it helps you create highly targeted campaigns so that you can get a lot from your Google Ad Words campaigns. Another good platform is Bing, which is less good than Ad Words.

Native Advertising

Native advertising are those sponsored listings that you can see at the end of your blog posts, you can view them on Face book feeds and also be found on their other social media. These pieces of content are integrated with the platform where they appear. You can promote and post your Native Advertising on other networks like Ad blade, Ad sonar, Out brain and Taboola.

There are many types of Native Advertising such as:


Search ads

Recommendation widgets

Promoted listings

Remarketing / Retargeting

There is a very good way to market your product in front of those who already know a lot about your product that you can rebut those products or retarget it. It depends on who you are talking with.

Whenever a person visits your website, you put a cookie on them so that wherever they go on the internet, they will see your ads only, which will keep reminding you about your products or services.

This form of advertising is quite cheap and if done correctly, it can also be quite effective as compared to PPC. It boosts conversions automatically because it always reminds people about your products that already have information about you.

Video Ads

All of us know that YouTube ads are the most popular and well-known videos, which are actually seen.

As you can make some informational or educational content here, you can post here advertisement. Either you can create a visual story to pull the emotional strings of your views. This is most suitable for your branding if you have a product or service that can be visually best demonstrated. One of the things you choose, however, is that Video Ads is making the most popularity, because it avoids the extravagant advertising and with it many other you tubers also draw limited attention of it.

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Once you have created a video, you can post it in some of the below given platforms.

YouTube / Google

Face book





Live Rail

Specific Media

Tube Mogul

Tremor Video



Email Marketing

Email Marketing is cheaper, faster and effective form of advertising than other marketing.

This is a great way to advertise to your customer loyalty and boost your sales; whenever you use an email campaign manager, to prepare and send them, you can easily track them and monitor them as well to see your ROI.

Email Campaign Managers:


Constant Contact




Campaign Monitor

Active Campaign

If you have to succeed in email marketing then you have to first prepare the list of email address. For this, you can use quizzes, or you can create a simple Simple Newsletter sign-up in your site.

After that, you can send email campaigns which will only focus on promotions, discounts, features and content posted on your own blog. Almost all emails need to be short, sweet and to the point. A concise message makes it easy for your point to reach others and increase conversions.

Do not forget that one thing here is to read the spam rules of any region / country and work accordingly.

Main advantages of online marketing:

Having Extensive Coverage

If we compare online marketing with traditional marketing then we can get a lot of coverage. This will allow us to stay more subscribers than offline. Since the coverage of online is very high, it can easily reach a lot of people without any geographical boundary.

In this post you have been knew all about online marketing like what is online marketing? – Step by Step Guide and advantages of online marketing. Please follow these tips and share this post to your friends so that they can also take the advantage of this informative post about online marketing.


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