What is affiliate Marketing Step by Step Guide


What is affiliate marketing, step by step guide? How to start affiliate marketing? These are the common questions for the people who are going to start affiliate marketing. In this article we will let you know, all about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a very efficient and easy way to make money. You can easily register on the affiliate sites and list the affiliate products on your blog, websites.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases made at the destination before the cookie of browser expires. Then, the affiliate program pays commission to you. You need to convince people to click on your affiliate links and buy affiliate products then you will earn extra money.

Affiliate marketing is not only about marketing of the listed products but affiliate marketing is also an opportunity to create your own blog or web site. You need to promote your website or blog sites. When the traffic driven on your site then chances of purchasing the products will be high. Means more traffic, more income.

There are some steps you need to know and follow before starting the affiliate marketing

1) Choose Your Plan

Select the plan is the first and important step for affiliate marketing. When you go on the affiliate company site then you have the option to choose the free or monthly cost plan. Premium membership has more support, more websites, and good connections with affiliate marketing community. But for starting level, you should go with the free membership option.

2) Choose Your Interest

After selecting the plan the next step is to choose your interest. Making a lot of money by affiliate marketing is not easy. For better understanding of affiliate marketing, you should thing it like a small business and need to build up from ground level. This is the zero investment business. You just need to put your effort and time to increase the traffic of your website to increase the possibilities to sell the affiliate products. You need to choose your interest very wisely. You have to spend the time to writing about your chosen topics, and so they need to be showing your passion towards this and drive the traffic.

3) Build Your Website

Website is the key point to start affiliate marketing. Affiliate companies have the features to create the good website with some inbuilt templates. You can do the changes in the predefined templates easily. For this you need to know the html knowledge. You can create your own website with any hosting provider. After creating website you can list the affiliate products and start making money.

4) Pick Your Affiliate Programs

After selecting plan, choosing interest, and creating website the next step is to pick out the affiliate programs that will advertise on your website. This is kind of bit hard to start affiliate marketing without a monetization plan. There are millions of products and services from which you have to choose the better option for your website interest. So start doing this and start making money.

5) Start Writing Content

Writing content is most critical and important step in the process of learning how to start affiliate marketing. Good content play the most important role to increase the traffic of your website. Give the best content to your visitor to driven huge traffic on your site. It will help you to increase the chances to sell affiliate products and make a lot of money.

Remember that you have to do unique is act like you write reviews or drive readers with blog posts and articles with interesting contents. Volume is the important part as well as the quality so that search engine can pick the article on their top ranking. This will help to drive more traffic on your website.

Once you have done all setup such as website building, arranged contents select affiliates. Then you need to promote your website to fetch the more visitors on website. For promoting the website content you need to do the SEO of your site, you can apply the newsletter system etc. So basic thing is that how popular your website plays the role to earn the extra money. Good Luck of your affiliate marketing!


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