Ways To Treat Breast Pain Caused By Fatty Acid Imbalance

Ways To Treat Breast Pain Caused By Fatty Acid Imbalance

There are many reasons for a woman to get breast pain. Also called as Mastalgia, breast pain is quite common in women who are in their menstrual and menopausal stages. Certain conditions like cysts, wounds, lumps, trauma, medications or heaviness can also cause breast pain in women. However, a lesser known factor that has the potential to cause mastalgia in women is acid imbalances.

Fatty acid imbalances can create a series of health related issues in the body, breast pain being one of them. Accordingly, a fatty acid imbalance would affect the breast tissue sensitivity and make them more vulnerable to the circulating hormones which in turn would cause breast pain.

Ways To Treat Breast Pain Caused By Fatty Acid Imbalance


In certain cases where the fatty acid imbalance is too severe to correct via dietary changes, doctors often prescribe supplements that restore the fatty acid balance in the body without too many complications.Accordingly, evening primrose and vitamin E supplements are frequently prescribed for fatty acid imbalances.

Evening primrose oil is more favored than vitamin E owing to the fact that it contains a substance called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which helps to both restore fatty acid balance in the body and prevent breast pain. The standard dosage is 1000 milligrams a day which however needs to be checked out by a qualified doctor first.

Reproductive Cycle

Breast tenderness happens when a woman is about to start her monthly menstrual period. Premenstrual period often start a week before the expected date of cycle. This is due to hormonal fluctuation that a woman’s body is going through during the process of menstrual period. Premenopausal stage will also bring breast tenderness as hormone level is at its erratic point.

Dietary Considerations

If your breasts start to pain every time you have meal loaded with fat and calories, chances are you may be suffering from an imbalance of fatty acids that may be causing the pain.

So make it a point to cut down on fatty foods and other sources of fat from your existing diet. Opting for a diet that contains 20% less fat and calories as your previous diet would help retain the fatty acid balance and prevent breast pain.

 When To Visit The Doctor

Even though fatty acid imbalances and the breast pain arising from it can be taken care of by changes to the diet and regular nutritional supplements, there are some cases that would warrant a doctor’s advice.

Accordingly you would need to consult a doctor if the pain in the breast refuses to subside even after a few weeks or worsens or if the pain is prevalent in only one area of the breast.