Ways To Get Pregnant With A Boy

Ways To Get Pregnant With A Boy

For women who get pregnant easily, they have the option to choose what they want. If you have been dreaming for a boy after a girl of if you just want a boy, do not think that this is impossible to achieve unless you are very lucky.

There are surely ways by which you canplan your pregnancy and decide whether you want a boy or a girl. Here are some sure ways to achieve your dream other than following a Chinese pregnancy calendar.

Ways To Get Pregnant With A Boy


In this scientific method which is also known as Density gradient  centrifugation, the scientist procures the sperm from the male partner and separates the  sperms as X and Y. The Y sperm is the one that creates boys. The separated Y sperm will then be injected into the egg.

The process used for separation is spinning of the sperms. As female sperms are heavier than the male sperms, they settle at the bottom of the container. This method does not offer 100 percent results.  The odds of getting a male baby in this case lie between 70-80%. The procedure is done through an IVF technique.

Shettles Method

This method runs on the conclusion that male sperms swim faster and female sperms thrive longer. This means that if you plan your intercourse on the most fertile days when the egg is ready, the male sperms will get to the egg faster than the female sperms and increase your chances of getting a male baby.
On the other hand if you have intercourse before ovulation, the male sperms will die due to non availability of eggs and female sperms which can thrive for a week will wait till the ovulation takes place and join the egg, giving a female baby.

Plan your union 24 hours before the day of ovulation. Not being a scientific method, it may not give the desired results in some cases when the female sperms manage to overtake the male sperm which too cannot be ruled out.

Grandma’s Remedy

Though these stories do not have any scientific proof to go by, grandma’s remedies are nevertheless harmless and hence worthy of trial. According to the tales, eating only red meat for two months before your conception can help get a boy baby.
Salty foods are known to encourage male sperms. It is also known that a union while standing up or on all fours will lead to a boy baby. If your age and the year of conception add to an odd number, it is known to increase your chances of having a baby.

Deep Penetration

Deeper penetration will encourage the male sperms to swim faster and reach the egg than the female sperms. Deep penetration will work in favour of the male sperm as they are fast swimmers naturally.
Deep penetration will help them in such a way that they have to swim a shorter distance to reach the eggs. All the methods mentioned above have a chance of failure as well as they are based on a chance of luck.