Ways To Get Pregnant While On Depo-Provera

Ways To Get Pregnant While On Depo-Provera

If you’re one of the more than three percent of women on birth control who use Depo-Provera — an injection of the hormone progestin that keeps you from ovulating –you might be wondering how can you get pregnant after you’ve stopped getting the shot.

Most women want to control the ovulation during the initial years of their youth and resort to manymethods of birth control for preventing pregnancy. Depo Provera is a drug that is used for preventing pregnancy in women.

The drug has a high success rate and the company claims that only one in hundred women get pregnant while on the drug. The efficiency of the drug Depo Provera can be further increased if the shot is taken at the same time every month without fail and the woman use other means of contraception like the use of condoms.

Ways To Get Pregnant While On Depo-Provera

Start testing your ovulation cycles each day following your next period. This will help you determine when and if you are ovulating to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. Ovulation test kits can be purchased online or at most major drug stores, and are completed by testing the urine for a specific chemical that occurs in the urine when a woman is ovulating. You can either test urine from a cup or a direct stream. Follow the directions and read the results. Check the packaging for specific instructions—typically two parallel lines indicate you are ovulating, whereas only one line will mean you are not.

Stop The Shots

To attain pregnancy while on Depo Provera, the first step to follow is to stop the shot altogether. This will put you cycle back on track and increase your chances of attaining pregnancy as well. Once the ovulation gets back to normalcy, you can try for a natural pregnancy.

Time of Intercourse

The time of intercourse too is very important when you are planning for a pregnancy. Plan the intercourse so that you can utilise the first two days of ovulation effectively.

To increase the chances of pregnancy, your partner must abstain from sex or self gratification for at least 48 hours so that the sperm count is maximum when you have intercourse on the most fertile days. Continue intercourse after leaving a two day gap to increase sperm count until you get your next menstrual period.

Frequent Testing of Ovulation

Do not expect to be pregnant in the first month of trying as there is only a slim chance of attaining pregnancy so fast. Keep track of your ovulation cycle every month and continue your efforts until you reach the goal. It may take many months before you attain pregnancy. This may be especially true if you have been on Depo Provera for many years together.


Depo Provera is a drug that is used for stopping pregnancy. While trying for pregnancy, never make the mistake of taking shots in between. If you become pregnant and take Depo Provera shots without knowledge of your pregnancy, the drug can cause very serious birth defects in the baby andcomplications in the pregnancy itself.

Ensure that you follow a strict pregnancy plan in consultation with your gynaecologist. You must also make sure that sufficient gap is put between your pregnancy and stopping of Depo Provera shots.

Ovulation Cycle

The next step is to start tracking your ovulation cycle from the next menstrual cycle. This will help assess the most fertile days which can be utilised for intercourse and increase the possibility ofbecoming pregnant.

An ovulation kit can be use for the purpose. The kit can be used on a direct stream of urine or for testing from a container. If you find a single line, it indicates that you are not ovulating, whereas two parallel lines indicate that you are ovulating.

Other methods employed for testing are checking of basal body temperature, checking the etc. which are all trustworthy ways by which ovulation can be tracked.