Ways To Delay Period With Birth Control Pills

Ways To Delay Period With Birth Control Pills

Birth control measures are quite a necessity these days and most women of reproductive age use some form of birth control measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Oral contraceptivesare the most commonly preferred birth control measure adopted by younger women. Birth control pillscan also be used for changing the length or date of commencement of your menstrual cycle. Here is how you can attain it.

 Ways To Delay Period With Birth Control Pills

First get a regular 28 day packet ofbirth control pills for the purpose. This pack will contain 21 active pills which have to be taken for three weeks and 7 placebo pills which are inactive pills used as placeholders or reminders. The active pills are the ones that are responsible for preventing the ovulation cycle in the body with its hormone action.

Start taking the active pills every day for 21 days. Now, what is left are the inactive pills that are there for seven days. The inactive pills must not be taken as it will start the withdrawal bleeding. Keep the inactive pills aside and open a new pack of 28 birth control pills. Start with the first active pill in the new pack on the 22nd day and continue till you want your period to be delayed.

Taking the active pills continuously without taking the inactive pills will delay the periods as the lining of the uterus will not shed, thereby blocking menstrual cycle effectively. Once you have successfully delayed your periods and want your menstruation to start again, you can stop taking the active pills and start taking the inactive pills for the next one week, one pill a day.

After you start taking placebo pills, you will start menstruating within a couple of days. Once you have successfully changed or delayed your day of menstruation, you need to put your ovulation on track. For this, you can start your regular schedule of taking active pills for 21 days and inactive pills for a week. Your ovulation cycle will return back to normalcy soon after you have resumed your regular intake ofWays To Change Date Of Menstrual Period With Birth Control Pills

Delaying Your Periods For Extended Periods

For delaying your periods for more than a month, there are several options that you can try. For delaying your menstruation for more than two months, you can take active pills for 63 days and then take inactive pills for seven days after which women experience bleeding from the vagina.

A birth pill pack for 91 days will prevent periods for three months. In this case, women have to take an active pill a day for 84 days and follow it up with seven days of placebo pills during which time she will have vaginal bleeding. Lybrel is acontraceptive pill which is used for delaying your periods for a very long period of time like over a year.

Delaying your date of menstruation will sometimes lead to temporary spotting, weight gain, tenderness of the breasts, nausea, acne formation etc.