Ways To Cure Yeast Infection At Home

Ways To Cure Yeast Infection At Home

Yeast infections is also known as Candida albicans is an irritating condition caused in both men and women due to unhygienic conditions, low immunity systems and changing weather conditions that affect the skin to cause the yeast infection and consequently red rash.

Some home yeast infection cures are listed below. They are both curative and preventive. Do contact your family physician in case your situation is intense in condition. Read on to find some home yeast infection cures.

Yeast Infection Cures At Home

Hygiene And Clothing Care

Hygiene plays an important factor in curing the infection. Make sure to clean the affected area twice a day and apply anti-bacterial powder. People with a tendency to wear fit clothing should avoid synthetic clothing that’s fits snuggly around them in order to stop the proliferation of the infection to the other parts of the body. Most of the time yeast infections tend to happen on around the sweaty regions of the human body making it a hygiene issue.

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Over The Counter Drugs

With all the trouble irritation you are going through with this skin disease it is extremely important for you to get instant relief from itching. You can use anti-bacterial over the counter medicines that can be applied, gels, creams and lotions available. Thus, it makes sense to use oral measures as first attack against the yeast infection.

Treasures In The Fridge

The yogurt in the fridge is one the best home This is because applying it externally solves issues of the acid-bacteria intake which helps cure the yeast infection getting it back to original levels.Apply the yogurt externally in the vagina or around the anus of affected areas to get the best results right in the comforts of your house!

Kitchen Calling

The kitchen can be an essentials help center for all home yeast infection cures. Amongst the few good ones at use is the fresh unsweetened cranberry juice that could be applied to the vagina directly. This increases the acid levels to fight the yeast infections. Garlic is also said to be anti-bacterial in nature killing the infection and thus two garlic cloves a day consumed could help fight the infection internally. Even the use of baking soda can be done while brushing your teeth. It helps fight the odor and the infection. Even basil boiled water can be used to do the same exercise. Externally rosemary and thyme can be used for application, more for douching bags.

Intimate Cures

Couples are said to be the best passing agents for this deadly infections and thus couples indulging intercourses should be very careful. They should make effective use of condoms.It is believed that women taking contraception pills are more prone to the infections but there is no real evidence of the same. Even douching should not be indulged in very often. More than required douching increases the chances of infection rather than working in case of one!

Thus under all circumstances what can be observed is that the home yeast infection cures are not only easy but extremely effective on use.