Two Toned Hair – Hair Coloring Ideas

Two Toned Hair – Hair Coloring Ideas

If you find dyeing your hairin a single color passé, then why not color your hair in two tones. If you are a trend setter, a bold independent woman who likes to lead instead of being led, then the two toned is for you.

Many iconic Hollywood beauties including Anastacia, Beyonce Knowles, Keri Hilson and Jessica Biel have tried this audacious new hair coloring trend.

Two toned hair colors are both appealing and dramatic. It works equally well on both short and long hair. If you have thinning hair and want to add some depth to it then this particular works extremely well.

There are many ways of creating the two toned effect. You can create this look with highlights, using dyes, with lowlights or a combination of highlights and lowlights.

Instead of going for if you want to create the two tone effect go in for skinny highlights. While choosing hair highlights, go in for colors that will contrast beautifully with the natural hair color. Remember darker shades look great for fall while brighter shades look nice for summer.

The gorgeous two tone effect can be created with dyes as well. You can use two different hair dye shades to color your hair. Divide the hair into several small sections and color one half with one shade and the other half with another dye color. Or you can even use one hair dye shade close to the roots and color the rest of the hair with another shade.

The opposite ofhair highlightslowlights can also be used to create some gorgeous two toned effects. Choose lowlight shades a couple of time darker than your base or natural hair color and color the hair in thin streaks. Creating the two toned effect with lowlights work best on women with short hair styles.

A combination of lowlights and highlights can also create some great looking two toned effects. If you are a brunette with short hair then some of the color combinations that will wok well for you are hot pink and black, black and red, black and dark brown and even black and blonde colors. The same color combinations work equally well for

Natural blondes with short hair should try color combinations like platinum blonde and black; strawberry blonde with dark brown, black or red; honey blonde with burgundy, light brown, red or black. The same color combinations also work for blondes with long hair.

If you have sensationally beautiful red hair then color combinations which go well for both short and long hair are black, burgundy and even a sunny orange.

It is easy to create the two toned effect at home. First you need to part your hair horizontally just above the ears. Then color the upper portion of hair and cover it with a shower cap. Next repeat the procedure with the lower section but with another shade. Allow the colors to sit for the requisite period of time and then rinse it out. The whole process is extremely simple and the results are mind blowing.

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