Top Home Remedies For Anemia

Top Home Remedies For Anemia

Anemia is not a disease, it’s a good news. However, anemia can be an indication of some serious illnesses and that’s a very bad news. Anemia is the name of the condition in which your red blood cell count becomes excessively low. The reasons for this can be numerous while the consequences are severe. Red blood cells contain haemoglobin which is responsible for transporting oxygen to the different levels of your body.

Decrease in the red blood cell count thus results in a lack of oxygen which in turn leads to a number of other problems. Anemia makes you weak and feel tired all the time. Though not very hazardous it certainly takes a toll on your body. Your complexion becomes more pallid and your body more lethargic.Here are some home remedies for anemia

Symptoms of Being Anaemic

  • Chest pain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Pale and dull skin
  • Lethargy
  • Dizzy spells
  • Brittle nails
  • Low blood pressure
  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Light-headedness
  • Altered taste
  • Sound of ringing in the ear or tinnitus
  • Sore gums and throat

Best Home Remedies For Anemia



Pomegranate is rich in iron and other minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. It also contains vitamin C, which helps improve the body’s absorption of iron. This results in more red blood cells and an increase in the hemoglobin level.Mix one cup of pomegranate juice, one-fourth teaspoon of cinnamon powder and two teaspoons of honey. Drink this daily with your breakfast.


The major deficiency that anemia causes, is that of iron. So taking in iron orally helps a lot in combating the symptoms of anemia. You should cook in iron utensils. This increases the iron content in your food too! Also take necessary vitamins along with iron supplements. Consuming more of Vitamin C is also important because Vitamin C increases your body’s capacity to absorb iron.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses are extremely rich in iron. Thus, their intake helps rebuild the body’s store of iron which reduces the adverse effects of anemia.
Blackstrap molasses are even referred to as blood builder by tribals and in folklore. You can consume these by spreading molasses on your morning waffles or pancakes or if you can bear it you can take it directly too.


Beets is a food item which you can say drips in folic acid and as folic acid is another deficient nutrient in anaemic patients, beets also becomes an important food item for them. Beets are good in taste and can be prepared by simply popping them in the microwaves.
The part under the skin of the beets comprises the maximum amount of nutrients and folic acid so you can peel off the skin before eating it. Use whatever spices you want while preparing it.


Cereals contain many of the elements which anaemic people are generally deficient in. For example iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid. So be sure to fix yourself a bowl of cereal every morning for breakfast. This is one lifestyle change that will go a long way in defeating anemia. The best part of this remedy is that it does not involve you consuming bitter medicines or food. Simply eating your favorite cereal will also do the trick!


Spinach and other green leafy vegetables are also rich in iron and other important nutrients. Just half cup of spinach daily is what you need to cure your anemia. This dark green leafy vegetable is high on Vitamins A, B9, E and C, iron, fiber, calcium and beta carotene. Just half a cup of boiled spinach has 3.2 mg of iron which is about 20% of daily iron requirement for a woman! So, include spinach in your daily diet. However, never forget to boil spinach,even if for a minute because spinach also has oxalic acid in it which interferes with the absorption of iron by nbody. Boiling the leaves can reduce its oxalic acid levels.

Honey Concoction

Another home remedy for anemia involves honey. To prepare this concoction you need to mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and then add lemon juice to it. This concoction not only helps you fight off anemia but also tastes good!


For vegetarians whose diet is sadly deficient in requisite nutrients it is imperative that they increase their intake of fruits and vegetables. They should eat at least one apple a day and if they can manage it even two – three. Eating figs is also a recommended cure.
Fruits are the tastiest way of increasing your body’s iron content. Squash, dates, celery, black grapes, plums, strawberries, etc are other food good for the body of anaemic patients.