Top 8 Free SEO Extensions for Chrome Browser

Top 8 Free SEO Extensions for Chrome Browser

SEO (search engine optimization) is very important for any website or blog. There are many SEO tools are available. You can use any tools to know about SEO features etc. But in this post I will explain you the Top 8 free SEO extensions for Chrome Browser. You need to install any seo chrome extension in your browser and you can audit about seo position, backlinks, domain authority, page rank etc of your website and your competitor sites. These chrome SEO extensions are very useful for the new blogger who have not very much knowledge about SEO techniques. Now we will start to read about best SEO extension for Chrome browser that helps you to improve your site ranking and boost your site traffic as well.How To Increase Website Traffic Fast

What is Chrome Extension?

Chrome extension is similar to any other software. More like we install any software to work on computer. Similarly extensions play the same role like software for the browsers. Main difference between software and extension is that software install on computer and extension install on browser. We can add more feature with extensions.

Popular Seo Extensions for Chrome, Blogger Must Use:

1: Mozbar Chrome SEO Extension

 Mozbar Chrome SEO Extension


Mozbar Chrome SEO Extension is very important extension for any blogger. For every blogger SEO knowledge is must because SEO helps blogger to increase the traffic and site ranking. You can easily install Mozbar Chrome SEO Extension in your browser and know about page authority, domain authority, link profile, keyword highlights etc of any website. After checking these features you can easily improve the SEO of your site. There are many other features available in this extension with paid version of Mozbar Chrome SEO Extension.

2: SEO Quake Extension

SEO Quake Extension

SEO Quake Extension is another SEO extension for blogger. SEO Quake has its own website from where you can also check its useful features. You can find many free tools on SEO Quake website. SEO Quake Extension give full report about no follow links, page source, semrush rank, Google page rank, Google index, yahoo links, bing index, web archive page, alexa rank etc for any website.

3: Buzzsumo Extension

3: Buzzsumo Extension

Buzzsumo Extension is also a useful for every blogger. Buzzsumo Extension helps to know the social media popularity of any website. Buzzsumo Extension is absolutely FREE. You can easily know about how many shares, likes, comments on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, google+, of any websites. You can also check the backlinks for any website/blog.

4: Ahref SEO Extension

Ahref SEO Extension

Ahref SEO Extension is very good extension developed by It’s absolutely FREE. is very popular seo programming site. You can find many seo tools on this website. Ahref SEO Extension help to know ahref rank, social signal for google+, facebook, twitter, number of backlinks, domain rank etc of any website or blog.

5: Mojestic Backlink Analyzer Extension

 Mojestic Backlink Analyzer Extension

Mojestic Backlink Analyzer Extension is special extension to know about backlinks of any website and blog. As you know backlinks are very important for any website. Backlinks help to increase the website traffic and site ranking. So install this extension and know everything about backlinks.

6: Page Analytics by Google Extension

Page Analytics by Google Extension

Page Analytics by Google Extension in one of the best SEO extension. Page Analytics by Google Extension show the traffic data, pageview, visitors etc of any website that you visit on your chrome browser. This report will help you to improve your website and traffic.

7: Linkminer Extension

Linkminer Extension

Linkminer Extension is useful to know about broken links of any website. Broken links are not good for any website. Install Linkminer Extension and know full report about broken links. After knowing broken links you should correct these and increase the ranking of your blog.

8: Seo & Website Analysis Extension

 Seo & Website Analysis Extension

Seo & Website Analysis Extension is also top free SEO chrome extension developed by website. Seo & Website Analysis Extension helps to know the seo position, backlinks, traffic, technical seo errors for the websites and blog. You can check the errors and correct those to improve the website.

Hope the above given Top Free SEO Extensions for Chrome Browser will help to improve your SEO knowledge and website traffic, ranking. Please share this post if you like it to your friends so they can also take advantage of these extensions.

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