Top 5 Ways to Increase Google Search Engine Traffic To Your Website

Top 5 Ways to Increase Google Search Engine Traffic To Your Website

If you are a blogger or website owner then you want the high traffic on your website blog. This is only possible when your blog post start coming in search engines. Google search engine is the best and most popular search engine. If your post comes in Google search result then it’s become awesome for your website blog. Most people search on Google for any query and go with the websites that Google display in his search result. So there are Top 5 Ways to Increase Google Search Engine Traffic To Your Website in this article that help you to boost your Google search engine ranking and your website position on Google as well. Read one by one best way and follow these.

Increase Google Search Engine Traffic To Your Website

1) Daily Update Your Website

The websites that update on regular basis are success to generate more traffic than the idle websites. You should update your website daily with some good and original contents as Google love to show the original contents in its search engine result. Also if you can add any short video and infographic as per your niche in the article then it is much helpful to boost the Google search engine ranking. So make the habit to update your website daily that helps to increase your visitor and ranking.

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2) Write Good and User Friendly Headlines

When you write the article then think in your mind for those people who come to your post. The content and title should be user friendly. The headlines should be very catchy that people like and bound to be read the contents. If you write the boring title then your post not come in search engine result and user leave the page. You can do some research before writing the title for your niche blog post.

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3) Build High PR Backlinks

After writing the good content and headline, you need to build quality high PR backlinks for your website. Search some websites with high pr and request them for link exchange. Also try to get the backlinks from social site, commenting sites and directories. There are many good high quality backinks websites to get the backlink for your websites.

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4) Answer the Search Query

As you know the content is the king for Google search engine result. What ever content you write that must be original and quality contents. Always try to write the straight forward answer for the search query. Some blogger write the content for 2000 words but all those are irrelevant. So you should give the accurate proper answer of the search query. Google like this type of the article and show on its first page.

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5) Go for Diverse Links

Google does not like any non-authority websites. Do you try to add your website links on very big websites then it’s wrong because those sites are through your website link in spam. So don’t go for link quality, try to get link diversity. If you focus on link diversity then your site go on top. Always try to connect those quality sites that builds authority.

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