Top 11 Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

Data Entry Jobs from Home

Online jobs are very popular now a day’s to earn money from home. There are many jobs available on internet for earning money. Data entry jobs are great work doing from home and earn extra income online. Anyone can do this job if he or she has some basic knowledge of computer. In this post we are listing different types of data entry work. These top 11 data entry jobs from home without investment helps you to given good income that you can do from home.

Best 11 Offline & Online Data Entry Jobs From Home

Here we have listed best offline and online data entry jobs from. Go one by one and find which one is suitable for you. Choose any one which you want to be started and grab the good income by doing few hours of work from home.

Word Processor or Typist

Word processor work is a good data entry work that you can do easily. But this is a little bit technical work. In this work you need to reports, letters and emails etc. For this you have to be good in English. You can do this with a small training. If you are good in grammar and vocabulary then this is for you. Go and start doing word processor work and start earning money from home.

Data Cleaning Work

Data cleaning is also a good data entry job for you which you can do from home. In this you will be provided by word file or excel sheet with some data. You need to find the errors and correct them or remove them with correct data. You can do data cleaning job by spending 1-2 hour daily and earn money from online from home.

Online Form Filling Work

Another good and easy data entry work is online form filling work. In this work companies send you the online form and the data in a folder. You need to fill those forms with the given data accordingly. You have to be careful while filling data so that you could not fill the wrong data. Online form filling work also gives the good income online from home. Go and start this work and grab good money.

Online Surveys work

Online survey work is another highly paid work from home online. In this you will be given some simple and easy survey forms. Multinational companies do the survey regarding their products and business. They collect the feedback from people and improve their products on the basis of survey result. You need to fill the survey form on the basis of your knowledge of their business and products. The companies pay $5 to $20 per survey. Start this work and earn more income online from home.

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Captcha Entry Jobs

Captcha filling job is also very easy and simple data entry job done from home. Captcha is image containing texts and numbers. You need to fill this in the given area. You have to fill 100 captcha in one day and earn more money from home.

Audio to Text Work

Audio to text is very interesting data entry job you can do easily from home. You will be given some audio and you need to reproduce in to the text format. For this job you should be good listener and good command on English.  If you have these two skills then go for it and start earning money from home.

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Medical Transcriptionist Work

Medical transcriptionist work is another work in which you have to be good listener and must be familiar with medical terms. If you have these two skill then go for it and earn money from home. In this work you will be given audio files and you need to listen them and write in a word document.

Copy & Paste Jobs

Copy paste work is also a simple and easy work you can do from home. In this work you will be given data in one file format and you have to copy to the another asking file format. No need to type the data, just copy and paste. Start earning by doing such a great and easy work from home.

Captioning Work

Captioning is one of the advanced data entry jobs. In this work you have to write the titles, heading and captions for news headlines and form images. Find this job and you can do easily if you have some skills of English and grammar.

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Formatting and Editing Job

Formatting and editing job is also good paid income data entry job. For doing this job you have to be good in English and grammar. You need to do the correction in spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes.  Find this job and start doing this work and start earning money from home.

Image to Text Convert

Images to text convert work are very simple work you can do from home and earn more money online. In this work companies provide you an image that has paragraph. You need to read the text on the given image and write in the document format. You have to be careful while typing these texts, it should be correct. They will not pay for the incorrect typing documents. So start doing and earn more income by just doing this simple data entry job from home.

In this post you have gone through the 11 best data entry jobs from home online. Start doing this work and earn money from home. Please share this post if you like it so others can also take the advantage of this post.

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