Top 10 Super Healthy Foods for Kids – Healthy Diets for Kids

Top 10 Super Healthy Foods for Kids - Healthy Diets for Kids

What is the best food for kids? What is the healthy and nutritional diet for kids? Every parent especially mothers are really concern about their children health and diets. We are here to help you with top 10 super healthy foods for kids. Kids must have to eat only nutritional, healthy and fresh food to become healthy and fit. Parents should avoid giving the junk foods to their kids. Generally we can see that kids don’t like the healthy foods and attract towards the oily, spicy and junk foods. But as a mother and father we should have to take care of the kid’s diet and give them the healthy nutritional foods always for kid’s growth and health.

In the early age kids need to the proper nutrition for their growth and be healthy. So it’s our responsibility to provide them the healthy diets. Always give foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for kid’s proper growth. Healthy notional foods will be helpful to improve immune system and strong immune system is beneficial to protect them from various health problems. Keep reading to know about some best selected healthy and nutritional foods to make your kids fit and healthy always.

Best Nutritional Diets for Kids

1) Tuna for Kids


Tuna is one of the best healthy foods for your kids but it may be possible that kids don’t like it. Tuna filled with full of nutrition’s which is must required thing for kids. For making it interesting to your kids, prepare the sandwich with mixing lettuce and tuna. You can also give tuna with rice and cheese. Include this is the diet chart of kids and provide them the proper healthy notional, proteins, vitamins etc which help to the kid’s growth and make them fit.

2) Cow’s Milk for Kids

Cow’s milk is very important and beneficial for your kids. Cow’s milk is the great source of protein and calcium. You should start giving the cow’s milk to the kids under 2 years age daily. Cow’s milk is also helpful to improve the brain development of kids. Calcium present in the cow’s milk is beneficial to make the kid’s bone stronger.

3) Yogurt for Kids

Yogurt for Kids

Yogurt is very beneficial and healthy food for kids. Yogurt contains good bacteria that are helpful to improve your kid’s health and beneficial for growth. Mix some fresh fruits in yogurt and give to your kids. Fruits make the yogurt tasty as well as healthy. Include this food in the kid’s regular diet and secure your health of children.

4) Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

As we all know that fruits and green vegetables are very beneficial for the health. Similarly fruits and vegetable help to improve the growth and health of your kids. You should give the 1 cup of fruits every day to your children. Include fresh vegetable in the regular diet of your kids. This will help to full fill the requirement of vitamins and proteins for your kids.

5) Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are another food which is beneficial for your kid’s health. Sweet potato contains beta-carotene, essential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. All these properties are helpful to improve your kid’s growth and health. Include this in the regular diet of your kids and help him to keep fit and healthy.

6) Tofu for Kids

Tofu is very rich in protein, vitamin B, calcium, and iron which are very beneficial for your kid’s health and growth. Tofu is also helpful to improve the bone health. You can give the tofu with smoothies, desserts, cookies and ice creams. This way kids like this food and it will beneficial for their health and growth effectively.

7) Mango for Kids


Mango is the king of fruits and it also helpful for kid’s health. Sweet mango is very good source of vitamin C which helps to improve the immune system and keep kid healthy and fit. It protects from various infections as well. Sweet mangoes also provide the calories to the kids. In the season of mango, give this to the kids regularly. Avoid giving off season mangoes because it can be harmful.

8) Salmon for Kids

Salmon is rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which helps to improve the brain health and heart health. Salmon also contains high proteins that fill the requirement for proper growth of kids. Natural flavor of salmon make favorite to the kids. You can give this in various forms such as with burger or roasted salmon.

9) Strawberries and blueberries for Kids

Strawberries and blueberries for Kids

Strawberries and blueberries both are the very beneficial fruits for kids. Berries are rich source of vitamins and antioxidants which help to improve the overall health to your kids. For making these more tasty, you can sprinkle some salt on these and give to your kids. Include these berries in regular diet of kids.

10) Milk for Kids

Regular consumption of milk is very important for kids. Milk contains calcium which helps to improve the bone health of kids. Calcium helps to make the bone and teeth strong. Milk also contains vitamin D which is also beneficial for kid’s health. Generally we can see that children are not very interested to drink the milk so you can give milk as chocolate milkshakes, pineapple blossoms, energy drinks, etc. But remember to include milk in the kid’s regular diet.

So how you feel now after reading this informative article? Hope you have relaxed as parents because you have been know about top 10 healthy super foods for kids which are beneficial and healthy for your little one. You should also control to give them junk food and spice foods. Start these healthy diets and see the fitness and growth of your kids. All these foods are easily available in the market. Please share this post to your friends and known ones so that they can also know about these super foods and give to their kids as well. Please share on whatsapp, twitter, facebook also. Leave your valuable comments in the comment section.


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