Top 10 Best Nuts for Good Health – You Should Eat


What are nuts? Are nut benefits for our health? In this article we are listing Top 10 Best Nuts for Good Health – You should eat. Nuts should be the important and useful for daily diets. Nuts are full of the protein and nutrition which helps to keep you healthy. Start keeping nuts at your home and start eating daily as well.

Best Health Benefits of Nuts

Nuts are very beneficial for our health. Minerals and nutrients present in the nuts are effective to keep healthy. Some more health benefits of nuts are:

  1. Keeps your heart healthy
  2. Improves immune system
  3. Strengthens your bones
  4. Boosts your brain power
  5. Nourishes hair
  6. Nourishes nails and skin

Best Nuts You Should Eat for your Health Benefits

1) Almond Benefits for Health


Almond is very beneficial nut for your health. Eating of almonds help to improve your memory power. Almonds contain effective compounds, which help to regulate the dopamine hormone secretion in your brain. Dopamine is the important for sharpening your memory power and helps to boost brain health. Start eating the almonds as given below.

  1. Take the almonds
  2. Soak these almonds for overnight
  3. In the next morning eat them
  4. Do this daily and see how your memory sharpen

2) Peanuts Benefits for Health

Peanuts are also very beneficial nuts for your health. You can eat the peanuts as roasted, salted or boiled. Peanuts contain good amount of fat which helps maintain the elasticity of your skin. It gives you the young, and tightening skin tone. Peanuts also contain manganese, which is beneficial to controls the blood sugar level and boosts memory power.

  1. Take the handful of peanuts
  2. Consume this at once
  3. Do this thrice in a week

3) Cashew for Health Benefits


Too much health benefits of cashew nuts. Cashew is found all around the world. Cashew is used in several eatable dishes. Cashew contains high fat, monounsaturated fats, which is very beneficial for heart health. Consumption of cashew helps to reduce the bad cholesterol level.

  1. Take Cashew
  2. Consume these or prepare food including cashew
  3. You can make curries with cashew
  4. Start eating and keep healthy

4) Pistachio for Health Benefits

Pistachio is great beneficial nuts for your health. Pistachio contains zero cholesterol and lower blood sugar level. It is rich in Vitamin E which is also helpful for skin benefits.

  1. Take the pistachio
  2. Eat them as it is
  3. You can also eat pistachio with salt
  4. Consume thrice in a week and see the health benefits

5) Hazelnut for Health Benefits


Hazelnuts are other beneficial nuts for health. Hazelnuts contain vitamin B which is beneficial to repair damaged DNA and maintain nervous and digestive health. Vitamin E present in the hazelnuts is helpful to keep skin and hair beautiful.

  1. Take Hazelnut
  2. Chew the two hazelnuts and drink the glass of milk
  3. Do this once in a day daily and keep healthy always

6) Brazil Nut for Health Benefits

Brazil nut is another nut which is helpful and beneficial for your health. Brazil nuts contain selenium, which helps to improve protein in the body. Brazil nuts contain anti-cancer properties which is beneficial to maintain prostate gland health. Consumption of Brazil nut is beneficial to improve immune system.

  1. Take the Brazil nuts
  2. Eat 3 nuts at a time
  3. Repeat thrice in a week
  4. Do not eat more than 10 Brazil nuts

7) Chestnut for Health Benefits


Chestnuts are very beneficial for your health. Chestnut is sweet crumbly nuts which help to heal the damaged capillaries and blood vessels. These nuts make your bones and teeth strong. Chestnuts are rich in high calorie.

  1. Take the Chestnuts
  2. Consume 2 nuts daily
  3. DO not eat more than 3 nuts per day

8) Walnut for Health Benefits

Walnuts are well known and popular beneficial nuts which help to boost your brain power. Walnuts contain highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids which is beneficial to reduce coronary heart diseases and regulated blood lipid profile.

  1. Take the walnuts
  2. Consume this nut
  3. You can spice up salad with walnuts
  4. Eat walnuts daily

9) Pecan for Health Benefits


Pecan is another beneficial nut for your health. Pecan contains rich amount of vitamin E which is helpful to provide you the bright and healthy skin. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, manganese, copper, iron and phosphorus present in the pecan are beneficial for your overall health.

  1. Take the Pecans
  2. Eat these peacan as raw form
  3. You can also eat the pecan in your salad

10) Macadamia for Health Benefits

Macadamia are sweet and beneficial nuts which are good for your health. Macadamia is the source of palmitoleic acid which helps to increase the metabolic rate. It is high in calories and containing calcium, magnesium, iron and copper which all are beneficial for your overall health. You should start eating these beneficial nuts.

You have read all about Top 10 Best Nuts for Good Health – You should eat. All these nuts are very beneficial and helpful to keep you healthy. Please share this informative article to your friends and known ones so that they can also aware about these health biennial nuts. Please share on whatsapp, facebook, and twitter. Kindly leave your valuable comments in the comment section.

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