Best 7 Home Remedies For Beard Rash

Beard Rash

Beard rash occurs when the sensitive skin of the face or any part of the body comes in contact with the stubble of the beard or the moustache. People encountering a man’s prickly stubble can develop a fierce rash on the skin.

Sometimes even men are susceptible to beard rash when the beard stubble meets their own facial skin. It is seen that dry skin is more susceptible to beard rash than normal skin.

The result is a painful, burning sensation with red streaks on the affected area. Incorrect shaving can also result in beard rash. Beard rash can be treated with home ingredients.

Best Home Remedies For Beard Rash


It is very important to keep the skin moist and hydrated. Well-hydrated skin allows the skin cells to turn over and this helps to heal the site of the rash. You can apply a soothing paste of dry oatmeal, cream and honey on the face and the affected area. Let it dry for about 5-10 minutes and wash off.

Lacto Calamine

Lacto Calamine lotion is available in most houses and is one of the for skin irritation arising out of beard rash. Religiously massage the rash with lacto calamine for an instant, cooling effect. The calamine lotion helps to reduce irritation and burning.

OTC Medications

Over the counter medications like creams containing hydrocortisone are very good and effective for beard rash. Apply this cream over the affected area 2-3 times a day.

Check first whether you are allergic to it. is also quite effective in the treatment of beard rash. It keeps the skin cool and supple. has medicinal and anti septic properties which help to heal the rash and prevent an infection.

Practice Good Hygiene

Men who shave should follow a good skin care and shaving regime. They should shave with a quality razor and shaving blades, which promote a close and smooth shave.
An anti-septic shaving lotion or spray should be applied to the face to reduce razor burns and beard rashes. Wash your face with warm water and a mild anti septic soap at least 2-3 times a day. Use a clean towel and change your razor blades as frequently as you can.

Warm Compress

A warm compress will help to reduce inflamed, red and swollen bumps on the face, which are caused due to a beard rash. A compress will open up the blocked follicle and remove pus in case the rash is infected.

Give yourself a Break

Try not to shave for 2-3 days until the rash clears up. Avoid contact with others. If the rash has occurred on your partner because of your stubble, then avoid intimacy and contact with her till her rash clears up.

Men with Sensitive skin

Men with sensitive skin should shave with a mild soap instead of shaving foam, which may cause a skin reaction. Men should also try to shave in the direction of the and not against it. Trying to shave against the direction of the hair growth will result in a sharp razor burn and bleeding.


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