Symptoms For Bacterial Infections

Symptoms For Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infection occurs when a huge number of bacteria enter in the body through nose or mouth. It is very common in men these days because of increasing pollution and unhygienic habits. There are many symptoms of these bacterial infections which warn us, if identified and treated on time they get cured completely without any harm but if neglected then it may cause a serious damage. Here are some symptoms that enable you to diagnose and get a proper treatment for these infections.

 Bacterial Infections Symptoms

Most Common Symptoms

Some of the most common bacterial symptoms are fever, stomach upset, nausea, headaches, cramps and vomiting. General body temperature is between 99-101 degrees, if the temperature of your body rises more than this, it is definitely a matter of concern. Fever can be cured in two days if identification of bacterial infections is done on time and proper medication taken.

Stomach upset is also one of the most common symptoms that occur in infections. During an infection other digestive problems also come across like mucus in stool or stomach ulcers. Headaches and cramps are symptoms of less harmful infections and can be cured just by taking some curative measures.


Skin Infections

Bacteria not only infect the inner body but they can also infect our skin. Pimples, acnes, rashes, and other skin infections are an example of skin bacterial infections. If you develop a red mark on face or body, if the area itches or pains then it’s a positive sign of bacterial infection.

Rare Symptoms

These types of symptoms are caused by the reaction of bacteria which are already present in our body and some medicines which we take orally. They are called rare infections as there is a very less possibility that medicine reacts with body bacteria. This happens with one in thousands.

Do Not Ignore Symptoms

There are some symptoms for bacterial infections that should be not ignored as they can cause serious health problems. Some of do not ignore infection symptoms are loss of appetite, sudden weight loss, night sweats and fatigue. These are serious concerns that should without delay be treated with proper medications.