Symptoms And Causes Of Shigella Flexneri

Symptoms And Causes Of Shigella Flexneri

Shigella flexneri is the name given to a particular kind of bacteria. This bacterium is very harmful to the human body as it causes severe diarrhoea. This type of diarrhoea causes the patient to pass blood in their stools and this gives rise to weakness. Such a case of diarrhoea is commonly known as shigellosis. Shigellosis is extremely common in those areas where the people do not maintain good hygiene. This sickness normally persists for about six to seven days after which the symptoms slowly fade away. Studies conducted on Shigella have proved that it is a rather common ailment that is responsible for infecting thousands of people all around the world.

Shigella flexneri belongs to the Shigella family of bacteria and is most common in developing countries as well as under-developed countries. Doctors normally prescribe antibiotics which are able to counter the problem-causing bacteria in the intestines. The remarkable fact about Shigella flexneri is that even a small number of Shigella can cause an acute infection in the human body. This makes Shigella flexneri extremely dangerous to mankind.

How Does this Infection Spread?

Shigella flexneri spreads in a variety of ways. Those who live in unhygienic places are most prone to contracting this ailment. Eating food items that have been contaminated with this strain of bacteria can also result in an infection in the body.

Drinking water must be properly filtered and purified to prevent this infection. It is extremely important to wash your hands before meals, especially when you are coming in contact with dirty surroundings. Children are most prone to suffering from shigellosis due to the fact that they are not very careful about washing their hands before eating. Refrain from putting your fingers in your mouth without washing them as this could increase your chances of an infection. This bacterium spreads at a very rapid rate and so one must exercise extreme caution in order to avoid contracting it.

How Does It Harm The Body?

Shigella flexneri causes significant damage to the tissues in the digestive system. Once it infects the body, it spreads at a rapid rate and causes a type of diarrhoea which is known as shigellosis. The patient loses a significant amount of blood too. This is because blood is passed out, along with the faeces of the patient. Shigella flexneri is able to destroy the outermost layer of the intestines. After doing that, Shigella attacks the layers beneath that, thus leading to more damage.

In order to prevent their own destruction, the bacteria attack the immune system of the patient. They attack certain cells that are responsible for the destruction of harmful bacteria. They destroy these cells and ensure their own survival. This gives them an opportunity to infect other parts of the intestine as well, causing more severe symptoms in the patient. When Shigella flexneri infects a healthy cell, it is able to gain control over that cell and break it down steadily. Shigella then multiplies and gains access to other healthy cells in the body too.