Simple Steps for Weight Loss in 10 Days

Simple Steps for Weight Loss in 10 Days

Losing weight in just 10 days is possible now. For this you have to follow the given Simple Steps for Weight Loss in 10 Days in this post. Changes in diet, your lifestyle and doing the exercise. The main reason of fat is your diets. If your are searching for the best and quick solution for losing tummy fat then you are at the right place. Start following the 10 given strategy and find the flat tummy.

Day 1 Strategy

We are starting the first day strategy. First you must be avoiding all the junk food items and carbohydrate products. You should use the fruits, nutrients, whole grain, seeds, green vegetable etc. Start using low fat dietary products. Include the plenty of water in your daily routine. Water will help to remove the fat from your body. Also you can start keeping fast twice in a week. Use the 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoon honey with water twice in first day to reduce the fat quickly.

Day 2 Strategy

After successfully done first day strategy now come to second day strategy. Second day eat boiled or raw vegetables. Use chicken soup twice in this day. Also eat fruits and green vegetable 3-4 times on second day. Don’t eat banana, apple because these are the high carb fruits. With all these changes in the diet you must do the exercise for half an hour to reduce the tummy fat fast.

Day 3 Strategy

Wow, you have completed two days strategy successfully. Now start your third day for removing belly fat. Start the third day with breakfast. Eat the one cup oatmeal in third day breakfast. Oatmeal has less carbohydrate that helps to get rid of belly fat. Consume whey protein, yoghurt, fruits and green vegetables on third day. Avoid olive oil or fish oil. Don’t use cheese, mayonnaise, butter strictly. Don’t forget to do the excercise with these entire diets plan.

Day 4 Strategy

Start day four with omelet of two egg and spinach in your forth day breakfast. If you want to take snacks then eat boiled chicken or cucumber as snacks. Eat as much as salad in your diet. Eat plenty of vegetable, salad in your fourth day lunch. Seeds, crunches are also including in the fourth day diet. Again you must do the exercise with this diet plan.

Lay down on back and put the hand under your head. Your feet should place cleanly to the floor. Now raise the shoulders up from the floor. Repeat this thrice in day for quick result.

Day 5 Strategy

Well done as you have done the four day strategy for reducing tummy fat. On 5th day consume low fat milk and fresh fruits. If you include 1-2 banana on this day then it help to provide the carbohydrate that is also useful for your body. Fill your empty stomach with lot of salad and nutrients only. Drink water as much as you can. Excercise is must on 5th day also. Good luck.

Day 6 Strategy

Start 6th day breakfast with beans and eggs with tomato. If want to take snack then use cod fillet and grilled chicken breast. You can also include fish in 6th day diet. Fresh fruits and vegetable for four times is also must on 6th day diet. Now come to the exercise which is mandatory.

Day 7 Strategy

Breakfast for 7th days is grilled chicken or duck breast and spinach with tomato. Include seeds and broccoli in your snack. Do the aerobic exercise on 7th day for half an hour. Hope you can find the result till 7th days on your tummy fat.

Day 8 Strategy

Start the 8th day with your breakfast. Include whole wheat bread and omelet of two eggs. Drink plenty of water on whole day. Consume yogurt, soya, seeds, and fruits, vegetable in your 8th day diet. Do the swimming today with your regular excercise.

Day 9 Strategy

On this day you should again use a lot of green salad and vegetable throughout the day. Fibrous vegetable will help you to reduce the fat quickly. Today walk for half an hour in the morning. Repeat the swimming and aerobic exercise on 9th day.

Day 10 Strategy

Include whole grains food and fruits in the breakfast on the last day of strategies. If you want to take backs the use low –fat, high fiber snacks. Use log sugar and low carbohydrates for better result. Today include the jumping in the daily exercise.

If you are searching for the quick and effective way to reduce the tummy fat then follow the above given Simple Steps for Weight Loss in 10 Days. Please share this post to your friend so that they can also reduce the belly fat and find the flat belly.

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