Signs That Indicate Whether You Are Being Used In A Relationship

Signs That Indicate Whether You Are Being Used In A Relationship

Love can make you blind they say. And with that special person you feel is the perfect partner for you can leave you on cloud nine! However, sometimes love can make you blind to the extent that you become oblivious to your boyfriend’s manipulative ways.

This sadly, has been the reason for the demise of more than a few for most men today tend to stick to a relationship only until the time they feel their needs are satisfied. Once their needs are met, these men tend to dump their girlfriends and move on to the next available victim.

If you know for certain that your guy is faithful, here are some subtle pointers that can help you find out if your boyfriend really loves you or is just using you for his own needs.

Tips To Identify If You Are Being Used In A Relationship

No Concern For Your Feelings

The first signs of exploitation usually start creeping into a relationship when your partner starts ignoring your needs and feelings over even the most trivial of issues. He would not give heed to your thoughts and always want things done his way.

Again, a boyfriend who doesn’t really care about your feelings would not devote his entire attention to you. He would most probably show up late for a date and act as if it was not a big deal at all, would try to club an activity he likes (like baseball, wrestling etc.) with the date and not even show an ounce of reaction on his face as and when he meets you for a date.

Not Meeting On Will Or Desire

A who is using you would most probably not turn up at a place when you want him to and would always try to make excuses (very silly ones in fact) to avoid meeting you for dates or casual outings. On the other hand, he would call you or wish to go out on a date with you only as a last resort, i.e. if he has nothing else to do.

Again, he would most surely choose his friends over you at any given chance and prefer to hang out with his buddies rather than remembering your birthday or anniversary.

Never Gives, But Always Takes

A boyfriend who is using you would most probably expect you to make all the sacrifices, carry all the burdens and do all the spending etc. He would never contribute anything to the relationship and would rather expect you to give more than 100% to the same in the form of gifts and other luxuries.

And when it’s time for him to return the goodness, he would most probably start giving silly excuses or simply shrug off the responsibility with a take for granted attitude.

Promises Broken

Forget small dates! A boyfriend who is hanging out with you only for your money or just for the time pass would most surely not keep a single promise he makes. On the other hand he would expect you to stick to your promises and make new ones at every given chance.

But when it comes to making a promise or keeping one, he would be the first person to break the rule. Worse yet, he would act as if it was no big deal, even if you are deeply hurt in the process.

No Future Together

An easy way to spot an exploiting boyfriend is to listen carefully to his words. A boyfriend who is using you would have no regard to your relationship and so would not include you (or the relationship that you share) in his conversations.

And though he would speak about his future plans frequently, he would never include you in them. It would only be him, him and him in these plans. There would be no room for you or your relationship with him.

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