Side Effects Of Hibiscus Tea

Side Effects Of Hibiscus Tea

There are many herbal teas which can be used to prevent and treat a wide range of sicknesses. People prefer to make use of herbal teas as they are considered to be devoid of side-effects.

One such herbal tea is hibiscus tea. This tea is prepared from the flowers of the hibiscus plant. These flowers are bright red in colour and have a very pleasant smell. They are quite big with large petals.

Hibiscus is a very common plant which is found all over the world. Many people grow these plants at home so that they can prepare and consume hibiscus tea on a regular basis.

This tea can be prepared by chopping and boiling the petals of one flower in an adequate amount of water. This tea must be allowed to brew for about five to ten minutes. Strain this tea and allow it to cool. You could add some honey or sugar to this tea if you want it to be sweet. People use this tea to treat several disorders such as
It has been said that hibiscus tea is good for the kidneys as it keeps them healthy and prevents the formation of kidney stones However, it has also been discovered that hibiscus tea is capable of causing severe problems in the human body. It is even capable of disturbing the hormonal balance of the body and this has very dangerous effects on the functioning of the body.

Side Effects Of Hibiscus Tea

Effects on Cancer Medication

Medical studies have proved that hibiscus tea is beneficial in preventing the formation of cancerous masses in the human body. Those who have a family history of cancer can make use of this tea so as to prevent the occurrence of cancer. However, hibiscus tea inhibits the action of cancer medication.

Those who suffer from any kind of cancer must be careful to avoid the consumption of this tea as it can neutralize the effect of drugs which are given to treat this condition. You must consume this tea only as a preventive measure for cancer and not as part of the treatment.

Sedative Effect

Hibiscus tea is capable of causing extreme drowsiness when it is consumed on a regular basis. This can be very troublesome for people who need to be alert and active.

This tea makes the person lethargic and dull. Such people are not able to focus on anything for a long period of time. Regular consumption of hibiscus tea is even capable of causing vision problems. Blurred vision and double vision is quite common among those who consume this tea on a regular basis.

Effect on Blood Pressure Medication

Hibiscus tea is capable of causing severe reactions in the body when it is taken along with blood pressure medicines. This is because hibiscus tea helps to treat high blood pressure. It lowers the blood pressure and brings it to a normal level.

However, people who are consuming medicines for thetreatment of high blood pressure must avoid consuming hibiscus tea as this can bring their blood pressure down to dangerous levels. People who suffer from low blood pressure must not consume this tea as well.