Reverse Pre-Diabetes With Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Pre-diabetes precedes diabetes. Before being diagnosed with diabetes, most diabetics go through the pre diabetes stage when the blood sugar level is above the normal range but below the level associated with diabetes. Taking proper precautions to keep the blood sugar level under control at the pre-diabetes stage can prevent development of diabetes.

Researches suggest that modest reduction in body weight can reverse this condition. Pre-diabetes is more common in overweight people above 45 years of age with a family history of diabetes. Excess body fat tends to reduce the insulin sensitivity of the body tissues, leading to insulin resistance.

According to researches, losing about 5 to 7 percent of body weight causes significant improvement in insulin sensitivity. Losing excess body fat through lifestyle changes can protect people diagnosed with pre-diabetes, whose body mass index is higher than normal, from insulin-resistance diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

How to Reverse Pre-Diabetes with Weight Loss

Increase Physical Activity

You can lose weight easily by boosting the level of your physical activity. Apart from increasing calorie expenditure, exercises improve glucose uptake, thereby lowering the blood sugar level naturally. If you were leading a sedentary life, gradually increase the duration and intensity of workouts. Ideally, at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular workout for five days a week is recommended for maintaining a healthy body weight.

The intensity of workout determines the amount of calories a person burns while exercising. such as walking slowly, bicycling slowly, or light gardening and other activities that require light effort help to burn about 105 calories in 30 minutes. You can burn up to 210 calories by performing moderate intensity activities such as brisk walking, swimming and bicycling at a minimum speed of 5 mph for about 30 minutes.

More than seven calories per minute can be lost through high intensity activities such as running, jogging, bicycling at above 10 miles per hour speed and mowing the lawn with a hand mower. You can lose significant amount of body weight by performing cardiovascular workouts that cause sweating for up to sixty minutes.

Healthy Diet

You can only when your total calorie intake is less than the amount of calorie burned through activities. Hence, counting calories is essential for losing weight. Carbohydrate is the main calorie source of the body. It is needed for meeting your daily energy requirement. Pre-diabetics should carefully select the carbohydrate sources in their diet. Focus on complex carbohydrates such as whole grain products that are digested slowly.

Moreover, they contain dietary fibers that by binding with the fats present in the stomach and intestines help to eliminate them from the gut. Fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and beans are good sources of fibers. Try to consume about 25 grams of fiber daily. Consume moderate amounts of lean meats, low fat milk and dairy. Avoid or limit consumption of saturated fats. Unsaturated fats present in fish oil, olive oil and other vegetable oils are good for the health. However, not more than 20 percent of your daily calorie requirement should be met through healthy fats.


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