PTE Academic Practice Test Pearson Exam Preparation

PTE Academic Practice Test Pearson Exam Preparation

We offer a range of preparation materials for PTE Academic. Find coursebooks, preparation courses and online study to help prepare for PTE Academic.Pearson Test of English Academic Exam, also known as PTE Academic Exam, is conducted by a London based media company called Pearson. The company is counted among the top education companies in the world.

PTE Academic Exam is a computer-based academic test, which is conducted to acquire proficiency in English language to international institutions.

PTE Academic Exam’s score of the student are accepted by a number of colleges and universities worldwide. It is also accepted by the UK Border Agency for visa applications. The entrance test is administered by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which conducts (GMAT).

More than 70% of the educational institutions in UK select candidates on the basis of Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic Exam. Being a prominent entrance test, it requires lots of hard-work from the candidates who are going to appear in the exam. Therefore, step-by-step preparation is such a key aspect in the way of cracking PTE Academic Exam.

Before mentioning study materials, we are advising you some of the tips that you can follow during the PTE Academic Exam preparation.

• You should know how to manage your time to prepare for each and every aspect of PTE Academic Exam. Practice sample question papers or previous years’ question papers of the exam as much as possible.

• Read out related books prescribed by Pearson to pursue in-depth knowledge of the particular topic. You can take various tutorials that guide you through many ways for the exam.

• You can take help of those persons who had appeared previously in the exam. Ask them what types of questions are generally asked in PTE Academic Exam.


The Official Guide to PTE Academic Exam

Pearson has prescribed the Official Guide to PTE Academic Exam for candidates. The official guide will be accompanied by Audio CD and CD-ROM. It will assist you to know how to register for the exam, its test structure and pattern, provide opportunity to learn with questions and answers, help you to make strategies for the test and tell you about the PTE Academic test scores. Candidates can purchase the Official Guide to PTE Academic Exam from its official website.

Preparatory Resources for PTE Academic Exam

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic Exam is a very important test to pursue study in UK. You should be well prepared before going to appear in the exam. But, how to prepare for PTE Academic exam can be tricky question for candidates. Therefore, here we are suggesting you some of study materials which you can use during your exam preparation.

PTE Academic Practice Sample Tests

You can also solve practice sample tests to prepare for Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic Exam. These practice tests are available in two types: scored practice tests and unscored practice tests. You have to register yourself for get these practice tests. You have to pick your package, give all the required details and get practice sample tests immediately. For detailed information, you can explore the official website of the PTE Academic tests.

PTE Academic Exam Skill Pod

PTE Academic Exam Skill Pods are also among the most chosen study materials to prepare for the exam. These skills pods are available for both teachers as well as test takers. For candidates, it provides practice for listening, reading, speaking and writing English on which the questions are asked in PTE Academic Test. Skill Pods are also available in the official website of the test.

PTE Academic Test Taker Handbook

Pearson Company has also prescribed Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic test handbooks for candidates. These books will assist you to know the procedures and requirements for appearing in the entrance tests. These test taker handbooks are available in four languages – English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. You can download these handbooks by visiting the official website of PTE Academic test.

PTE Academic Exam Preparation Courses

Pearson Company, which conducts the PTE Academic Exam, also prescribed various courses to prepare for the test. These courses are run by professional partners of Pearson Test of English Academic Exam i.e. Pakistan, India, Singapore, China, Australia, Bangladesh, UK, US and Israel.

Some General Tips

I won’t advise you to remove your fear. Fear is important. It will make you focus to solution. One needs to control fear and turn it into power.

Do meditation and stay mentally fit.

Some people, not for PTE Academic but in general, use the combination of aspirin (3 hours before) and coffee(45 minutes) before. It elevates the concentration and focus. Consult your physician, though safe but it’s not my recommendation.

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