Prepare Your Child For The First Day Of School

Prepare Your Child For The First Day Of School

A woman’s life is divided into several stages and the role she is supposed to play also gets altered accordingly. When a woman is a school going girl in her tiny tunic and pretty frocks, she is supposed to be a good student and an obedient child to her parents and teachers.

When she reaches her teenage, dreams of a successful career ahead remain her primary concern. Hence, she makes her move on that direction. Once she had educationally and professionally reached a certain point, she is supposed to enter into a new role, which has been identified by many as a new birth. This stage is marriage, together with which comes a series of responsibilities, duties and expectations. A turning point in this new birth is motherhood.

Take care of and bringing up the child in the right manner is indeed a mammoth task which needs patience, calm of mind and intelligent approach. Tending up the toddler from a neonatal stage to a first time school goer is in practicality, a journey.

Psychological Aspect Of The First Time School Going Kid

The first time your son or daughter goes to the school is not only a new experience for you but also a total change of environment for the child itself. In most of the cases, the preschool going stage of a child is centered on the kid and his or her parents mostly, especially where the influence of the mother is the most prominent.

Suddenly, this arrangement breaks when the child starts going to school . Even thou the time spent in the school, initially, may be as less as 1 to 2 hours in the day, but creates a sense of trauma and sadness of separation from the parents in some children. So, they exhibit tantrums, cry uncontrollably and make all alibis to skip school for the day. Handling this effectively is the duty of the parents. But the mother is the key position who can work on this problem efficiently, since children are more attached to their mothers.

How To Prepare Kids Beforehand

The first school going trauma in the kid can be relieved by some easy methods. Some of these are discussed here.

Creating Mental Preparation In The Kid

Developing a mental preparation in the kid is very important much before the kid starts going to school. Make the kid acquainted this new concept “school” at least much a month before he or she starts going to the school.

In the process never show the kid any negative aspects of the school like teachers are strict and they scold or beat for being disobedient, the school punishes for not doing homework or anything similar to that. Rather make them believe it is a place where they will be able to get new friends, learn interesting things, play lots of games etc.

Including The Child In Activities

Another way of making your kid feel interested is to take them along with you while you go to buy the essential things the child would need in the school, like colorful school bags, pretty water bottles, books with colorful pictures and letters in them, uniforms of the school, new pair of socks and every thing that you need to buy. This will fascinate the child that something nice and new is going to happen and ‘school’ is a fun place

Influencing The Child To Take Active Role In Arrangements And Preparations

It will be further more helpful if you direct your kid to take an active role in putting on his or her shoes, wearing the uniform, arranging for the books of the day. The kid might not be accurate in making all these preparations, but never disclose that. On the contrary, praise him or her for this. Even more interesting will be to ask your child what tiffin he or she would prefer to have in school. This will be another driving force for increasing the fascination for school in the kid.

Take A Tour Of The School With The Kid

If possible and if you can manage, try to take a tour around the school.  Show the kid the playground, the class rooms and playground. It will be a great idea if you can arrange to make your kid meet the teachers who will guide the child. This way, once the kid starts getting acquainted with the environment, he or she will never alienate while in school.

Stay With The Kid Initially

In the initial days, it is mostly seen that the kid cries a lot due to tension, trauma and anxiety. This is noting to worry about. Try to stay in the school in the first two to three days, thou not may be in the classroom as the other children may feel distracted.

Wait for an hour or so in the parents’ room or the school office room. Gradually decrease this duration with time as by the time seven days have passed you will see that the child is getting seasoned to this changing environment. After, about 8 to 10 days, you never need to do it anymore.

Take Part Actively In The Schooling Sessions

Be an active participant in what the child has done in the school. Inquire your kid in a very friendly manner about the whole day’s experience in the school and also help out with his or her homework.

Important Guidelines For Parents

When the kid starts going to school the parents must also ensure that the school bag has been arranged with the accurate books required for the following day. Provide clean and properly ironed uniform that the kid will require the next day. Ensure that the school shoe is polished well. Moreover, check and find out if the pencil box has everything in place and your kid will not face any difficulty in school.

Most important is that the identity card that is hung around his or her neck must contain all the necessary informations like the address, name, name of guardians, contact numbers, etc. which is crucial if, God forbid,  any mishap occurs.

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