Pregnancy Congratulations: Messages, Wishes, and Quotes

Pregnancy Congratulations: Messages, Wishes, and Quotes

Pregnancy Congratulations: Messages, Wishes, and Quotes. Congratulations to the couple for Pregnancy. Becoming mother and father is the very proud and most beautiful moment of their life. You should congratulate them and be the part of their happiness. In this article we are listing best pregnancy wishes, messages and quotes. Keep reading and start sending these beautiful quotes to the couple? Post these messages on their facebook wall, twitter, send on whatsapp, etc. Congratulations from the to the parents. Enjoy this priceless and beautiful time of your life.

For the next nine months your body is a sacred place and your womb will be the closely guarded doors protecting the little angel who will change your lives forever. Congratulations for your pregnancy.

Congratulations as you expect your bundle of joy! The excitement starts and it’s going to get better each day. Life is full of blessings, indeed.

In the movie of your life, pregnancy is the twist that will change it all. Congratulations.

Congratulations, mom to be! A child is a blessing and I celebrate with you as you expect a great blessing on the way. Take care always.

Pregnancy will make you see LIFE in a whole new different way. Why? Because you will experience what it feels like to create one. Congratulations.

Congratulations for the life growing inside your tummy, I bet you are going to be a fantastic mummy.

Getting pregnant is like getting a new job. The baby in your tummy is your new boss and your husband is your new secretary. Congratulations.

Your life is a journey and an adventure. Soon there will be another precious life joining this exciting journey with you. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

The bitter sweet pain that comes with pregnancy may last for the next few months. But the joy of carrying your newborn in your arms will last for a lifetime. Congratulations on getting pregnant.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Lucky baby! You’re going to be an amazing mother.

You have just been fired from your job of being just a woman. Congratulations for being accepted as an intern for the next nine months in your new job of being a mother.

Even after the nine months, to be a part of creating a new life is a thought that you will never be able to completely fathom. Congratulations for embarking upon one of life’s most precious miracles.

Nothing comes close to the feeling of nurturing a life inside your body. It has never been aptly described in words and it never will be. Experiencing is the only way to find out. Congratulations for getting yours.

Being pregnant is a sporting ball of fun! Congratulations on your little team player.

To be a woman is one thing. But to be a mother, is a whole new level. Congratulations for taking your first steps towards discovering a new dimension of life.

While you will only carry the baby in your womb for the next nine months, you will carry it in your heart for the rest of your life. Congratulations.

I wish you all the best in this beautiful stage, you are a very sweet girl and I know you will be a very good mom.

here’s no instruction manual, but you will do a fine job figuring it out. Congrats on
becoming pregnant.

Don’t be nervous, you’ll be a fantastic Mom, we all know it. Congrats on the bundle of joy.

It takes a little knowledge, a decent amount of instinct & lots of love- you’ll have it down in no time. Congrats on becoming a Mom.

It’s an amazing thing to be able to watch a child learn and grow. We know you are going to be a fantastic Mother.

Congratulations on the biggest & most important adventure ahead- adding another little one to the family.

The bitter-sweet pain and discomfort will be all worth it when you get life’s sweetest gift after nine months. Congratulations.

The most inspirational thing that pregnancy will teach you is the realization of how even pain and sickness can be gateways to lifelong happiness. Congratulations.

Thank you for bringing this cherished life into the world. Congratulations on already becoming one amazing mom.

Blessed is the mother who brings forth all the goodness she can carry.

Your pregnancy is as beautifully unique as you are. Congratulations on this one-of-a-kind celebration.

The downsides of pregnancy including extra weight, stretch marks and hormonal fluctuations are nothing as compared the upsides which include a lifetime of love and affection of your child. Wish you a very happy pregnancy.

Nine months from now, your baby’s life will completely take over your own. And the first sign of this will be your profile picture on Facebook being replaced with your baby’s.

A baby is a work of art, it is a piece of your mind and a slice of your heart. Congratulations for being pregnant.

Now that you are pregnant, I am sure that in about nine months, you will take back your words that your wedding day was the best day of your life. Congratulations.

One of the best parts of getting married is that you can look forward to have a baby, and one of the best parts of having a baby is that you can thank God for getting you married to the right person. Happy pregnancy.

By becoming pregnant, you celebrate the fact that you are a woman and you have the power to make the world go on. Congratulations for your pregnancy.

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