Precautions And Preventions In Prediabetes

Precautions And Preventions In Prediabetes

Being unaware of an unfavorable condition can be detrimental but not doing anything after knowing its potential adversities can be even more dangerous. Prediabetes may not place you among the millions of diabetics trying to manage each day with extraordinary efforts; however, being on the threshold certainly puts you at an increased risk of suffering from an array of illnesses.

Prediabetes: A Matter of Chance or Choice?

In prediabetes, the is above normal but not high enough to be categorized as a symptom of type 2 diabetes. With timely intervention, it is possible to remain within the threshold and maintain a safe margin from the actual diabetic blood sugar levels. Since time is not generous, you need prompt action when you get to know that you are lingering on the threshold.

You need not fight with your body against odds but assist it in preparing better for the coming days so that diabetes is prevented. Prediabetes actually can be an opportunity to improve your health, align with the body and regress from the path of a permanent illness having no cure (diabetes). It matters when you can heed a signal and act timely. Healthy living should be a matter of choice, not chance.

In a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, researchers found that prediabetic adults were more likely to be older men with lower educational status. Moreover, prediabetics were more likely to have an immediate diabetic family member. Only about half of them surveyed said that they took diabetic preventive measures.

Precautions and Preventions in Prediabetes

It is very important to bring blood sugar to the normal level. There are several things which can be done to enhance living and promote a constructive body functioning in order to have controlled blood sugar level. The following three are important considerations:

1. Reduced fat or calories in diet
2. Lose or control weight
3. Increase physical activity or exercise


The foremost thing is to analyze the lifestyle you have. Being busy in everyday activities can restrict you from spending quality time practicing healthy habits. But incorporating simple changes should not be demanding. Eating a is one such healthy habit. When you are eating, eat for the body and not against it. It is easy to control blood sugar levels through healthy eating.

A favorable diet is low in fat, rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Bring more color to eating by choosing several fruits and vegetables. Processed foods should be avoided or (minimized maximally). Adhere to a low-calorie and high-fiber diet. Include a variety of foods to get maximum nutritional intake.

Consume non-starchy foods and lean meats. Prefer non-fat dairy products over the usual ones. Include liquid oils in cooking as against the solid fats which can be high in saturated and tans fats. Skip unhealthy snacks.

Weight control

It is very important to control weight when you have prediabetes. Excessive weight is linked to diabetes and can be a frontrunner for the illness. A reduction of 5-10% body weight may be good on the weight scale. Consult your doctor for appropriate advice. Consider reducing portion size when wanting to

Physical fitness

Physical fitness is obligatory for everyone. With prediabetes, it can be a pre-requisite and should not be sidelined or undermined. Indulge in mild exercising to begin with if you have not been physically active yet. You can gradually switch to a dynamic regimen depending on your body needs. Usually, about 30 minutes of exercising each day should be sufficient. Stay active by doing activities you enjoy like gardening, walking and swimming.


Know the side effects of medicines you take. A common medication used to treat prediabetes is PrandiMet (repaglinide and metformin). This medicine can interact with other medications including anti-fungals.

Overdose can cause low blood sugar besides other side effects like breathing difficulties, seizures, diarrhea and fatigue. The medicine should essentially be taken under expert supervision and monitoring.


There are screening tests for prediabetes – the A1C test reveals prediabetes (6-6.5%). However, certain conditions can produce incorrect readings and other tests should be done to determine the exact blood glucose level.

People over 45 years of age, having an American Indian, Hispanic or Asian descent, having inactive lifestyle, etc. should be careful and prefer to have regular checkups. Women having polycystic ovarian syndrome or who had suffered from gestational diabetes in life are at risk.

With prediabetes, precautions and preventions can play a very important role in keeping long term adversities (including diabetes) away. There can be time as changes may not come overnight. Start small when making a lifestyle change as eating and exercising. Be motivated by keeping a good company and having a strong will to direct living towards meaningful outcomes.


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