Negative Effects of Protein Shakes

Negative Effects of Protein Shakes

Although whey protein is a pretty safe supplement, like any abuse too much of it is going to develop some unpleasant side effects.

The strongest core protein shakes are strictly prepared by mixing protein supplements in either water or milk. For the bodybuilders, protein shakes worked as an additional food supplement whereas the common people have made them a part of their daily diet without thinking about the pros and cons of their excessive consumption.If you are a regular consumer of the protein shakes then you must give a second thought before including them in your diet plan because it has been found in research that the excess consumption of protein including protein shakes can be dangerous for your entire health.

Although protein is indispensable for the building and growth of muscles, too much of them can be damaging to your health. In this article, we will learn about some of the important negative consequences of the intake of protein shakes.

Negative Effects of Protein Shakes


So, yes you need lots of protein in your diet if you want to grow muscle, but be careful and make sure you don’t abuse it.Whey protein side effects can be uncomfortable (lactose intolerance, intestinal irritation, bloating etc.) and also very dangerous (kidney stones, kidney failure, stress on the liver and ketosis).Be always moderate in whatever you do, it’s the key to stay healthy and avoid serious consequences.Some are scared to take whey protein supplements because they’ve heard stories about whey protein baldness side effects…well, I did some research I I came to the conclusion that it’s a myth.

Kidney or Liver Damage

The biggest danger of protein shakes includes the liver or kidney damage. Taking one or two protein shakes by physically active people may not cause any harm to their body but protein shakes consumed beyond this limit can have significant ill effects on their kidneys or liver.

When excess protein reaches your alimentary canal, calcium gets released into the bloodstream, which deposits in your kidneys and leads to malfunctioning of the kidneys. At times, kidney stones may also be formed, which would cause you several health problems. A condition called ketosis may also result due to excessive consumption of protein shakes. It is a chronic condition in which the human body starves due to lack of carbohydrates. Ketosis condition can cause injurious effects on your kidneys and hence should be avoided at any cost.

Protein contained in the protein shakes are comparatively harder to get digested by the human body and hence your body has to work quite hard to digest as well as eliminate the remnants in the body. Your liver and kidneys have to struggle really hard to digest the protein shakes because these shakes usually lack the amino acids and many other nutrients that are helpful in making the animal protein easily digestible.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Gastrointestinal problems such as gas and bloating usually occur in people, who consume protein shakes. The major reason behind the occurrence of these gastrointestinal problems is that the protein shakes as well as other protein supplements are very much processed.

These protein shakes are more likely to contain protein toxins. And when these protein toxins enter the body system they are likely to support the bad bacteria that are already present in the gastrointestinal tract. Bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract, with the help of the protein toxins, create more protein toxins.

This in turn may give rise to problems like bloating and gas. If you do not discontinue the use of protein shakes even after noticing these symptoms then your symptoms can get worse and cause you consider amount of discomfort.


Consumption of excess amount of protein shakes usually turns your blood acidic in nature and in order to neutralize the acidic effect on your blood, calcium are released from your bones. Calcium thus released turns the acidic blood into basic once again.

Problem of your blood is solved but in this process, a lot of calcium is depleted in the body, which ultimately leads to severe deficiency of calcium. A long term calcium deficiency in the body can lead to a severe condition of the bone that is popularly known by the term osteoporosis.

Soy Intolerance

Complete protein may be obtained from the protein shakes prepared from soy but if your body is unable to tolerate soy then you can experience unpleasant side effects such as constipation, bloating or nausea. And if you are allergic to soy then you may have to bear with some more severe symptoms that may include sudden drop in your blood pressure, runny nose, and migraine headache.

These symptoms are usually experienced after the consumption of soy protein shake. If you want to avoid these symptoms then you can try protein shakes that are made from whey, casein or egg whites.

Unwanted Weight Gain

If you are a healthy man, who does not do strenuous workout then taking protein shakes regularly can increase your chances of adding more fat and weight to your body. Don’t be misled by the fact stated by the manufacturers of the protein shakes that you will certainly lose weight with the help of these protein shakes.

If you want to avoid unwanted weight gain then you should consider protein shake as a meal replacement and should not consume it as a snack. Also, take care to avoid purchasing the shakes that contain a lot of fat and sugar. But before including protein shakes into your diet, you must meet your nutritionist and get the necessary information and advice on the consumption of protein shakes in order to avoid weight gain.

Other Dangers

Apart from the dangers of protein shakes that have been mentioned above, there may be some other dangers of the excessive intake of protein shakes. These may include unwanted weight loss, an increased risk of liver cancer, nausea, food intolerances, muscle cramps, headaches, etc.