Natural Treatments And Cures For Oral Lichen Planus


he inflammatory condition Oral Lichen Planus are the lacy connections of white patches, sometimes accompanied with lesions and painful sores on gums and tongue. It is not contagious and is incurable. However, people who suffer from this illness can manage the symptoms with natural remedies

Oral Lichen Planus are the ulcers that are caused in the mouth due to wrong eating habits or any other inflammatory condition that may affect the mouth. These look like small red spots in the mouth that can either be on the tongue or on the gums. There can be many reasons, which can cause ulcers. These are painful but not contagious and can create problem while eating as they are on your tongue and gums and if you eat spicy food, it will increase the pain more. During this time, all you should do is eat cold items and avoid eating hot food which will affect the lichens and also should rinse your mouth whenever possible. These ulcers remains for long, unless cured or taken proper care. There are a lot of natural treatments, which will help you cure the lichens and will also treat it.

 Natural Treatment For Oral Lichen Planus:

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is important to maintain your mouth and prevent it from getting rid of all the damages and infections that can happen in the mouth due to unhygienic things and eating garbage. You must make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and rinse your mouth after every meal you eat so that the food doesn’t remain in your mouth for long, causing infections and other oral problems. Letting your mouth unhygienic may lead to oral cancer as well.

Change In Lifestyle

Anxiety, nervousness and despondency can trigger oral lichen planus. Require some serious energy to de-stress through unwinding exercises, activities or contemplation. Roll out way of life improvements to decrease anxiety and tension. For instance, decrease workload or figure out how to organize your needs, so you are not over-broadening yourself. On the off chance that melancholy is an issue, look for medicinal help.

Having Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can surely cure the oral lichen planus. It removes the burning sensation and if taken properly will also reduce the lichens in no time. They have a cooling effect that helps the ulcers to get heal quickly and in no time.

Turmeric Oil

Having oil made from turmeric is one of the best remedies that will cure lichens. As turmeric has high anti oxidants properties, it protects the mouth from getting the unwanted ulcers and also increases the immunity. Turmeric has always been used for healing purposes since ages and yes, it is one of the best remedies to cure anything.

Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the reasons that cause Lichens. Avoid stress, go for hiking or listen to good music whenever you feel stressed. It is one of the most common causes of lichens. Try to avoid the stress by however you can. If singing or dancing relieves you from stress then do that.

Eat Vitamin Food Rich In Vitamin E

To cure lichens, you should improve your diet by having food, which is rich in vitamin E such as almonds, hazelnut green leafy vegetables and other vegetables that will cure the lichens and will protect you from it.

Vitamin C

Food that is rich in vitamin C should top your list when you are suffering from ulcers, as these food are rich in anti oxidants and have cleansing properties, they will make sure that all the poison from your body is removed and you feel fresh and your body feels light.

Baking Soda

Applying baking soda on your lichens will prevent it from growing further and it will also cure them. The lichens are inflammatory and baking soda acts against it, hence curing the lichens effectively.