Natural Treatment For Dry Feet

Natural Treatment For Dry Feet

Many people suffer from the problem of dry feet. In such cases, the skin which is present on the feet becomes extremely dry and often develops cracks. It also becomes extremely itchy and pale. The skin on the feet can become dry due to various reasons.

This is because too much air can make the skin on the feet extremely dry and prone to cracks. When the feet become dry, the person finds it very difficult to walk around freely as any kind of pressure causes discomfort. Such people tend to scratch their feet due to the dryness and this makes them bleed.

It is extremely important to treat the problem of dry feet before it becomes severe. There are several natural ways to treat dry feet and you can make use of the most convenient one.

Natural Remedies For Dry Feet

Protect with Petroleum Jelly

Rub petroleum jelly generously all over your feet, massaging the thick jelly between your toes, all over your heels and on top of your feet. Petroleum jelly moisturizes your feet and seals the moisture inside your skin to promote healing. Have a pair of socks handy to put on so you don’t slip–petroleum jelly is slippery. Do this before you go to bed so you can let the petroleum jelly work overnight, then rinse your feet completely in the morning

Warm Water Soaks and Moisturizer

One of the simplest ways of dealing with such a problem is to soak your feet in warm water on a daily basis. The ideal time to do this is before you go to bed each night. After the feet have been soaked in warm water for a sufficient amount of time, the dead skin must be brushed off with the help of an exfoliating lotion.
After doing that, the feet must be removed from the water and wiped with a soft cloth. Take a generous amount of moisturizing lotion and massage it into the skin on the feet. You could wear socks at night after applying the moisturizing lotion. This gives your feet a chance to absorb the moisture.

Milk for Cracked Feet

Not only milk is rich in Vitamin A and other nutrients to give you glowing healthy skin, it is also a good exfoliating agent. Lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, present in milk can gently slough off dead skin cells and help grow new cells. What is also important is the fact that this lactic acid in milk hydrates your skin well by promoting its water retention capacity. This fights off dryness effectively which is one of the major causes of cracked feet.

Olive oil

Almost everyone has olive oil in their kitchen; the oil is another one of effective home remedies for dry feet and cracked heels. Massaging olive oil into your heels will provide a deep down moisturising effect. Massage some extra virgin olive oil into your heels and leave it on for thirty minutes or one hour. After an hour, wash your feet in some lukewarm water and repeat daily, until your feet transform into soft and silky smooth.

Honey Massages

Honey is an excellent moisturizer and is extremely beneficial in dealing with dry feet. It is important to wash your feet thoroughly before making use of honey. After the feet have been washed and dried, you are to massage them with a generous amount of honey.
Wait for about half an hour and then wash the feet with some clean water in order to remove the extra honey from the feet. You could then apply some petroleum jelly to your feet when they are dry. This helps to seal in the moisture.

Shea butter

Shea butter is another one of good home remedies for dry feet and cracked heels. Before you go to bed, massage a generous amount of Shea butter into your feet and heels and then, cover with clean socks. Leave Shea butter on overnight and it will penetrate deep into the dry skin, it will moisturise your feet and is ideal for cracked heels.