Natural Remedies For Anger

Natural Remedies For Anger

Anger is very closely associated with the problem ofstress. Stress makes the affected person very irritable and angry. Such people experience frustration and depression as well. Anger can have a very devastating effect on the health of the affected person.

Anger raises the blood pressure levels of the person. It also disrupts the hormonal balance of the body and this affects the functioning of the vital organs in a negative way.

It is extremely important to keep your anger under control. There are several herbs available in nature, which are able to soothe the nerves. These herbs can be used to stabilize the mood of the person. This helps to combat the problem of anger experienced by such people.

As a result of this, the body stays healthy. Several diseases are triggered by anger bouts and if people can control their anger, such diseases can be prevented.

Herbal Supplements For Anger


Peppermint is a soothing herb and it contains menthol which has cooling effect on the stomach and emotions. This herb helps to relieve anger and prevents a person from responding in a negative manner to anger provoking situations. Peppermint tea can be had to soothe the angry person and calm his or her raging emotions. It also helps the person to be able to calm him or herself after an angry outburst.

Peppermint is also available in the form of drops and found commonly in mints. The pleasant fragrance of this herb also acts as a means of improving one’s mood and it calms the agitated person. This herb can be had in the form of candy which can be used to soothe the person and help him or her to cope better when exposed to anger provoking situations.


This herb is very beneficial in the treatment of anger. It can be consumed in several ways. It is available in the form of supplements which can be consumed on a daily basis in order to get relief. Dried chamomile can also be used to prepare a tea which can be consumed in small amounts throughout the day.

It helps the affected person by acting as a mild sedative. Thus, it helps the person to get sleep at night and this reduces the problem of irritability. It stabilizes the mood of the person and reduces the frequency of anger bouts to a great extent. This is why it is an extremely popular remedy for anger treatment.


This herb has been considered by monks and druids to be a very effective cure for instilling peace and a sense of balance in the mind. Known by the Latin name Verbena Officinalis, this herb has been used for centuries for managing anger. Verbena contains iridoide monoterpenes and derivatives of caffeic acid which heal the mind and soothe the emotions. This herb also has flavanoids in it. Verbena is to be taken in the form of capsules or supplements. Apart from pregnant or lactating ladies, this herb is safe for consumption by everyone else.


Lavender supplements can be used to treat theproblem of anger. Lavender oil can also be used for such purposes as it has a very pleasant aroma. This aroma causes the person to relax and makes them drowsy.

The use of lavender on a regular basis can help to bring about a significant improvement in the condition of the affected person. Lavender is an ideal remedy for all mood-related problems as it is very mild yet effective in its action on the nerves.