List of Valentine’s Week 2019: Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, Valentine’s Day 


Valentine’s Day is the day of love which is celebrated every year on February 14. Love birds celebrated the valentine week that means love is spread in the air during full of week not just one day. The first day of valentine day is rose day and there are other six days which we explain below in this article. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the honour of Saint Valentine. Valentine day is the perfect time to express the love and feeling to your boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and family. Valentine week starts from 7th February every year. This love festival is celebrated in whole world with full of romance. Keep reading to know more about all the seven days of valentine week, the day when these are celebrating.

List of Valentine’s Week 2019

1) Rose Day – 7th February

Rose Day - 7th February

In 2019 Rose Day will celebrate on 7th February Thursday. Rose is the medium to express the love towards your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and your dear ones. There are some specifications with the color of roses like red rose is the symbol of romance so you can give it to your girlfriend and boyfriend. Yellow rose is for friends. White roses are for helping the patches between friends. Be ready to celebrate rose day with several color of roses.

2) Propose Day – 8th February Friday

Propose Day - 8th February Friday

Propose day is the second day of valentine’s week. Propose day means you can express your love on this day. You can tell your girlfriend and boyfriend that how much you love them and how you feel about them. Start your love life from the propose day and enjoy the 2019 valentine week.

3) Chocolate Day – 9th February Saturday

Chocolate Day - 9th February Saturday

Chocolate day is the third day of valentine week. After proposing your girlfriend on propose day, you need to give her/him the sweetness of chocolates. Chocolate day will celebrate on 9th February which comes on Saturday. Gift some chocolate to your loved ones on this day and fill the sweetness in your love relationship.

4) Teddy Day – 10th February Sunday

Teddy Day - 10th February Sunday

Fourth day of valentine day is teddy day. Teddy day will come on 10th February which falls in Sunday. Teddy is the most favorite gift for girls. So you can gift the lovable teddy and say I Love You. Giving cute teddy on the teddy day will increase the love with your girlfriend.

5) Promise Day – 11th February Monday

Promise Day - 11th February Monday

Promise day is the fifth day of valentine week. Promise day will come on 11th February Monday. Promise is the most important to be commitment to the relationship. Promise helps to make the strong bond in your love relation. So you should promise to your girlfriend and boyfriend to be committed and loyal in the relationship.

6) Hug Day – 12th February Tuesday

Hug Day - 12th February Tuesday

Hug day is the sixth day of valentine week. Hug day comes on 12th February Tuesday in this year 2019. Hug to your girlfriend, boyfriend and your loved ones and express your love towards them by celebrating hug day.

7) Kiss Day – 13th February Wednesday

Kiss Day - 13th February Wednesday

Kiss day is the seventh day and last day of the valentine week. Kiss day comes on 13th February Wednesday this year 2019. Kiss is very effective way to represents affection and love to your girlfriends and boyfriends. So enjoy the valentine week with sweet and affectionate kiss and include the lots of love in your relation.

Valentine’s Day – 14th February Thursday

Now the final day of love is here i.e. Valentine’s day. Valentine day fall on 14th February Thursday. Love birds are eagerly waiting for the Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is called as day of love. So your wait is over and valentine week is about to start. Think, prepare and move towards the festival of love and romance. Express your love with your boyfriend and girlfriend and find the true love. BlogLino wishes you a very happy valentine day with lots of love.

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