How to Write Great Meta Descriptions for SEO

How to Write Great Meta Descriptions for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a important part for every website or blogs. SEO play the important role to increase traffic and ranking of websites. Meta Description is the main part of SEO. In this article we read all about meta description with examples. You have a question in your mind that is how to write Meta description? What is Meta description? How to write great meta descriptions for SEO ? Go with below contents carefully and apply on your website/blog. It will surely help you to boost your website traffic and Alexa/Google ranking.

Do you know about Meta tags?

Meta tags are the HTML elements that give all the information about website and blog to the search engines. In this way Meta tag helps to search engine to drive visitors on your website and blogs.

Meta tags divided into two elements that should be placed as tags in the <head> section of your HTML document.  Two elements of Meta tags are:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description

Title tag is the part you need to insert into you head part in the title element. In this post we will discuss about Meta description.  Do you know about Meta tags? Start reading one by one step about Meta description.

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What is a Meta description?

First you should know that what is Meta description? Basically Meta description is a paragraph that is described about your website niche. It describes the summary of your website. Meta Description should be placed in the HTML of your webpage that describes its content. You can see your Meta description appear in website URL in the search results. You can also tell this as a snippet. Meta description is the main SEO part for your website that is summarize about your website and tell to the search engines.

Where need to add the Meta description?

The next question is that; where you should add the Meta description? Here is your answer. Add your Meta description in the <head> section of site’s HTML. Here is the example:

<Meta name=”description” content=”This is the Meta description of your website. Replace this paragraph with your original meta description”>

If you are using CMC like word press and use the SEO plug-in then there is the option to be adding the Meta description in the SEO plug-in. It will also show the preview like how your Meta description shows in the search engines.

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Importance of Meta Description?

Meta description provides the information regarding your website to the search engines as well as the visitors. Users decide to be click on your website due to Meta description. More described Meta description is more important.

How to write a great Meta description

1) Keywords: Keywords are the most important part for any website and blogs. Keywords help to increase the search visibility of your website on Google and other search engines. You have to use the most important keywords in your Meta description. You keywords are highlighted in bold in your Meta description by search engines.

2) Write legible and readable: Meta description should be written in simple, readable and meaningful. Search engines will pick on top of the well written Meta description. So be careful while write the Meta description for your website and blog.

3) Meta description like an advert of website: Meta description should be relevant and compelling. Irrelevant Meta description can be harmful of your website as the search engines will treat it as a spam. Meta description must be as per the website contents.

4) Length of Meta Description: Length of the Meta description is also important to be take care. It should not be long more than 160 characters.
If you use the long Meta description then search engines will cut off from the last. So you need to use the important keywords in starting line of Meta description.

5) Avoid duplicate Meta descriptions: Meta description must be unique for every page. If you do the mass duplicasy then Google can be penalize you.

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In this post you have gone through about Meta description. You must need to follow these to increase your search engine ranking. Please share this post if you like it so other can also grab this useful information and take the advantage.

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