How To Treat Tinea Capitis

How To Treat Tinea Capitis

Tinea Capitis is the name given to an infection that occurs on the scalp of a person. This infection takes place due to fungus and is also known as ‘ringworm of the scalp’. The fungus attacks the healthy hair follicles and infects them.

This results in the appearance of bald patches. As time passes by, these bald patches become itchy and inflamed. Later, scales form on these patches, causing the skin to thicken and become hard. In most cases, the skin also develops grey or black spots that can be clearly seen on the scalp.

This infection causes great discomfort to the patient. It is important to treat this problem as soon as you notice symptoms. Strong antibiotic medication and herbal remedies are able to eliminate most cases of tinea capitis.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is widely acknowledged for its strong action on harmful micro-organisms. Health experts recommend the use of tea tree oil in the treatment of tinea capitis. A few drops of pure tea tree oil can be added to an adequate amount of water. This water can be used to rinse the hair and scalp. You can also make use of shampoos and hair oils that contain tea tree oil.

This will bring about quick healing of the infection. Tea tree oil is also a strong antiseptic and is extremely helpful when bleeding takes place on the scalp. It helps by making the wounds dry up quickly.


Garlic is extremely beneficial in the treatment of tinea capitis. The ideal way to make use of this remedy is to apply freshly ground garlic paste to the scalp. Massage this paste gently into the scalp so as to facilitate absorption.Garlic is able to destroy the infection and is used in the treatment of all problems which involve ringworms.

If your case of tinea capitis has affected only a small area of the scalp, you can soak a sterilized ball of cotton in some fresh garlic juice. Place this cotton ball over the affected portion of the scalp and leave it in place till the juice is absorbed by the scalp. This process can be repeated as often as required.

Coconut Essential Oil

The essential oil that is obtained from coconut is extremely beneficial in curing cases of tinea capitis. This oil is able to promptly destroy the micro-organisms that are responsible for the occurrence of this infection. Coconut oil has been used extensively in India since ancient days.

It has been used to treat all kinds of skin conditions such as hives, rashes, eczema and dryness. Apart from eliminating the fungal infection, coconut oil also nourishes and protects the scalp from future infections. It also strengthens the hair follicles and promotes the growth of your hair.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

This oil is very powerful in its action against fungal infections. This oil must be applied to the areas of the scalp which are affected by this infection. The oil must be left in place for a while so as to allow it to soak into the skin. Lemongrass essential oil is very beneficial in combating any inflammation that might be present on the scalp.


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