How To Treat For Eczema

How To Treat For Eczema

The “itch-scratch cycle” is about as vicious as they come, and anything that induces it has the full capability to bring almost unbearable discomfort, as those suffering with eczema know well. Eczema is a general term used to describe varying skin conditions that result in inflamed and discolored skin.

Eczema is a skin disease.Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. It is inflammation of the outer layer of the skin. In this chronic condition the skin becomes dry, itchy, and reddish. There could also be symptoms like cracking, flaking, oozing and bleeding.This skin disease is known to be more common among children but can happen to men and women also.Eczema can be of various types with different symptoms and severity. The main primary cause of eczema is to be genetically inherited.

That is people suffering from eczema have it from birth. The outside environmental condition like contact with dust, pollen, pet fur can worsen it. Hormonal levels and emotional stress can also affect the condition. Patients with eczema have low immunity and foods like cow’s milk, soya, wheat, eggs can further weaken the immune system. Besides medications there are several natural remedies to treat eczema as given below.

Top Natural Cure For Eczema

jojoba oil

While coconut oil is really fantastic, eczema is a highly individual condition, and not everybody finds success with it. If this is the case, or even if it isn’t, try jojoba oil. It isn’t actually an oil, but a liquid wax. It penetrates the skin deeply, and its molecular structure is the most similar of all the oils to that of our skins natural sebum (oil.) It is composed of long chain fatty acids and fatty alcohols and is incredibly rich and moisturizing. Don’t let the word alcohol scare you away-fatty alcohols are not the least bit harmful to the skin, unlike the drying artificial types such as methanol, isopropyl alcohol, and benzyl alcohol.

Tea Tree Oil

Rub a few drops of tea tree oil, diluted in a little olive oil, into your dry skin or psoriasis patches several times a day. The Australian remedy is useful for relieving itch and softening plaques, especially if you have a mild case.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel works wonder for all types of skin symptoms. You can buy aloe vera in gel form with vitamin E from a known natural product company and apply small amounts on the affected areas twice daily. If you can manage an aloe vera plant at home and use the freshly cut leaves you would get faster results.


Another natural and readily available remedy is the cool cucumbers.Use organically grown cucumbers to avoid chemicals. Take a whole cucumber and slice it. Soak the slices in some filtered water for 3-4 hrs. Strain the liquid and apply it on the areas required with a clean cloth or gauze.

Carrot Paste

Take 2-3 organic carrots. Peel them. Boil them till they are soft. Make a paste of thick consistency. Apply it on your problem areas. Let it dry and rinse it with water. This is another home remedy which will help treat eczema naturally without any hassle and side effect.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids and no fatty acid. Virgin coconut oil is a natural moistureriser. It will help treat dry flakey eczema skin. Coconut oil is a cheaper and natural option to nourish your skin over expensive chemical products available in market. It also contains lauric acid that has anti microbial properties.

Milk, Almond Oil Bath

With eczema you should avoid bathing too frequently and for too long, but without compromising on your personal hygiene. Sweat on your skin can aggravate the symptoms, so it’s essential to be clean and bath after exercise. In your bucket of water for add few drops of almond oil and milk. And rinse your self with it without rubbing it on your skin.