How To Treat Dry Callused Feet


A callus, also known as callosity, is a toughened skin area that has become thick and hard due to repeated friction, pressure or other irritation.

Usually, calluses develop on the feet, especially on the bottoms of the feet and the underside of the big toe. Calluses can also develop on the hands, fingers or anywhere on the body where there is repeated friction.

Our feet undergo considerable wear and tear as they have the onerous task of ferrying our body weight from one place to another. Adding to our foot miseries are dirt, grime, slush, mud and dust especially during the monsoons.

Not only are our feet deprived of moisture but also become the breeding grounds for a host of bacteria. While we give considerable attention to our facial skin and other body parts, the feet remain a largely neglected area. This gives rise to cracked heels, calluses corns and Badly groomed feet are an instant turn off and can mar the beauty of the sexiest of stilettos. So do yourself a favour and take the benefits of some of these tips to keep your feet clean, neat, moist and beautiful.

The Good Old Pumice Stone

You really don’t need state of the art pedicure tools and buffs to polish and beautify your feet. Pumice stone, available at most departmental stores will do the trick. Rub the pumice stone gently on your soaked feet to get rid of peeling skin and calluses. Skin hardening will be greatly reduced with a pumice stone. Be careful to not use the pumice stone on the sensitive areas of your feet.

Lemon juice and Vinegar

Calluses can be effectively targeted with lemon juice and vinegar as these two are mild acids and have a corrosive effect on calluses. Just soak your feet in warm water that has a capful of vinegar and lemon juice in it. Gently scrub the calluses with the help of a pumice stone to reveal clean and even soles.


Just soaking and scrubbing your feet is not enough. Yourskin needs moisture to prevent it from drying out. Use a good foot cream and massage your feet and legs with it. The good old petroleum jelly works wonders in moisturizing the feet. Apply some liberally and cover your feet with socks before you retire for the day. Socks help to lock in the moisture. Leaving your feet over night in socks allows theskin to repair and heal itself.

Comfortable Foot Wear

The kind of shoes you wear will determine if you are prone to calluses. Hard soles can lead to the formation of calluses. Prickly and tight shoes lead to the formation of corns. So make sure you wear shoes that have soft soles and are very comfortable. Don’t wear high heels just for the sake of fashion especially if you are not comfortable in them.

Chamomile Tea

Dip a couple of chamomile tea bags in warm water. Now dip your feet into this water. Chamomile tea has a soothing effect and will help your feet to feel more relaxed. With these basic self-help tips, you can proudly show-off a beautiful pair of feet and say good riddance to hard and callused skin.