How to Remove an Ingrown Hair Quickly & Easily

How to Remove an Ingrown Hair Quickly & Easily

occurs when the pointed tip of a hair curls up and starts growing sideways or back into the skin. This condition is mostly benign and appears as a little pink bump under the skin or a tan mark on the skin. In many cases, a tiny single (usually dark) part of the underlying hair may be visible below the skin bump.

However, in certain more extensive cases, one may have multiple pink or red bumps around the area affected by ingrown hair. Most of the time, ingrown hair appears in areas that are such as face, armpits, neck,and legs. Though they cause just minor irritation in most cases, but sometimes they can be extremely unsightly and painful. Also, if left untreated, they can become infected as well.Here are the how to remove an ingrown hair quickly & easily. 

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Exfoliate The Affected Area

Scrub the area affected with gently, twice each day. This will help in removing the dead skin cells as well as oils and dirt that may be trapped in the skin pores. Besides this, scrubbing will also help to nudge the tip of the ingrown hair out of the skin.

Make sure not to exfoliate so much that the hair starts to bleed as this would make removing it even more difficult. Try to from different directions. A good quality facial scrub or body scrub can easily be bought from a cosmetic or drug store.

Apply Acne Medication

Apply a tiny dab of acne medication on the area affected by ingrown hair. Ingrown hair is actually quite similar to acne and pimples, especially when it is accompanied by pus. Therefore, applying salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide on them can be quite helpful. In fact, in some cases, daily exfoliation combined with acne medication is enough to get rid of ingrown hair.

Apply Warm Compress

Applying moist and warm compress to the area having ingrown hair will help to soften the skin. To do this, simply wet your washcloth using hot water, squeeze out the excess water and then press it against your skin. Repeat the same process several times to make the skin softer and bring the ingrown hair closer to the surface.

Pull Out Ingrown Hair Gently

After this, try to gently tease the ingrown hair out from the skin using a sterile tweezer, needle or any other rotatable medical device. Do this only after the hair has risen to the surface after applying warm compress. Make sure never to dig deep for hair as you can end up cutting or damaging your skin.

Apply Antiseptic

After removing the ingrown hair from the skin, wash the area using a moisturizing soap and warm water, then apply antiseptic cream for additional protection against infection.

Exfoliate the area regularly to prevent the formation of new ingrown hair. You can even apply topical solutions on a daily basis to prevent the growth of more ingrown hair in future. Sometimes, this technique does not work if the ingrown hair is rooted too deeply in the skin. In that case, you should consult a dermatologist and get suitable prescription medication to treat the problem.