How To Prepare For TOEFL – TOEFL Test Pattern

How To Prepare For TOEFL - TOEFL Test Pattern

Firstly I must tell you that it’s just a myth when people say you need to have a wonderful vocabulary to crack the TOEFL test. Well, it does help but not unless you put in your best with the little that you know. TOEFL as we all know is widely accepted in countries like the USA and UK for getting admits to the masters and the management courses.

TOEFL basically is to test your understanding and your efficiency levels but not just to weigh your vocabulary. Going through the dictionary and accumulating words in your pocket diary does no good. That shouldn’t be your jug of ale. You must put it to practical use. Take up writing for some English dailies which in turn will improve your writing skills and also your vocab. Now you must be wondering why I’m constantly focusing on writing? Yeah? Well, writing a passage (actually two) is a part of the TOEFL exam.

The first section includes reading where you get to read a couple of paragraphs and based on the same you are asked questions. It might seem easy but it actually isn’t. You must give in your best. Best here means patience. You for sure will make merry in this part of the test if you can concentrate really well.

And next is the listening section where you get to hear a couple of conversations. For ex: A discussion between a student and a lecturer, class room discussion. Based on what you hear you are asked some questions and all you need to do is listen carefully and note down everything on the white sheet that you are provided with. It really is very easy.

And then the speaking section. It’s really simple or I must rather say that it’s the simplest amongst all. We all make mistakes. Yes, we do. But please, not here. You need to be really confident while speaking into the mike. That’s the only solution or rather the best advice one could give to come up with flying colours in the TOEFL exam.

Remember not to waste your time thinking about unnecessary things while giving your exam. What you get are a couple of hours and unwanted contemplation will cost you a lot. Patience and devotion towards what you do is all that you need.

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