How to Pluck Your Eyebrows


How to go about Tweezing

This procedure may be painful, especially for those who are not good at withstanding pain. The good news is there are different things one can do to reduce the pain.

This includes making the eyebrows flexible so that they become easier to pull out; all you need to do is apply some shaving cream or conditioner and leave it for sometime, then wash it off.One can also remove burning sensation from that area by applying numbing toothache cream.

Cover the eyebrows with a hot cloth to open up skin pores; this will make your eyebrow hairs to come out with no resistance thereby reducing the pain. It is also important to use tweezers that are of high quality to ensure the best results and to work in a properly lit room, preferably during the day.

When doing eyebrow tweezing

pluck from where the hairs grow in, as this ensures that the hairs come out from the core. You should work from the base of the eye moving to the top part in order to follow the shape of the eye and to come up with a more natural look. As soon as you have finished, apply some warm Vaseline to close up the holes found on the surface of the skin.

How to shape the eyebrows

To come up with the best results, one should tweeze following the natural curve of the eyebrows. This curve usually ends at the iris. You should check where the eye brows begin and where they end by placing a pencil on the eyebrows and directing it against the nose. You then move the pencil slightly until the corner of the eye to mark the end of the eyebrows.

How to alter the shape of your eyebrows

For a more satisfying look, it would be advisable to draw a line using a white liner from the base of the eyebrows to any shape that you desire; once you are completely satisfied, all you need to do is pull out the hair that is within the white liner.


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