How to Make Money with Amazon

How to Make Money with Amazon

Do you want to make extra money? How to make money with Amazon? There are many ways to earn extra income through internet. One of the best methods to earn extra money is Amazon affiliate marketing. You already know bout Amazon as shopping website. It is very popular and number one shopping website in the world. But do you know that you can also earn extra income through Amazon? Yes, you can make the more more money through Amazon.

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In this post we will explain the step by step process that will help you to make the money from Amazon site. Affiliate marketing is the best method to get the money online. Amazon provides the platform to sell their products through affiliate marketing. Now we will see that how to do affiliate marketing from Amazon website.

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If you have the website or face book page and there are a lot of fans on the face book page. Now you need to share the affiliate link on the website and face book page. And when the products will sell from this affiliate link then you get the commission from Amazon. But for this you have to register on Amazon affiliate then create the affiliate link of that product which you want to sell. Now we will see all the requirement and steps to create the affiliate link from Amazon and the easy method to earn the extra income from home.

What are the Requirements for Amazon Affiliate?

  • You should have your own website.
  • Face book Fan page with a lot of fans
  • You Tube Channel
  • WhatsApp Group

We knew about the requirement for Amazon affiliate. If you do not have the website, face book page, you tube channel, then first you need to create all these.

Now go ahead and see all the steps given below that how to make Amazon affiliate account, How to search for affiliate products and how to share the affiliate products on your website, your face book page and YouTube channel. Start doing this and earn extra money from Amazon affiliate marketing.

How to create Amazon Affiliate Account

Step 1. First go to “” link and click on Join Now for Free.

Step 2. Now a page will open where few options to be added are. Insert your email id and select “I am a new customer” option. Then click on “Sign in using our server”.

Step 3. After the above steps one new page will open where you need to insert Your Name, Your Email Id, and Password. Then click on “Create account”.

Step 4. You have created account successfully. Now you need to create the Amazon product link which you want to sell. For this login on your amazons account and search the product name which you want to sell on your website or face book page.

Step 5. Now your search products are display and you can see the “Get Link” from right hand side. Click on this button and copy the link.

Step 6. Now the final step is that you need to share this link on your website and face book page, you tube page etc. You can send the link to whatsapp group. If anyone will buy this product from your share link then you get the commission in your account.

This is very easy and simple method to earn extra income online from home. So guys go and try this and start making money.

I hope you will like this post so please share this to your friends and helps them also to making extra money from amazon affiliate program.

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