How to Make Free Blog and Website

How to Make Free Blog and Website

How to Make Website? How to make Blog? If you have all these questions in your mind then you are at the right place. We will describe in detail in this article for making website and blog. Also if you want to make money online then the blog and website are the best medium to earn money online.  Internet is the most popular thing in the world. If you want the answer of any question; just go on Google and you can immediately find the answer of your question.

Did you think that when you search the solution of any problem and Google provide the many answer of that questions.  All the solutions Google provides are some websites and blogs. Google store all the websites and blogs post in its database and give you as a result of your search.

If you are able to invest the money then you can hire the web developer to make your website. But this method is very costly.  We will tell you in this article to make the FREE WEBSITE. You can easily create your website/blog free of cost. We will provide below some online platform where you can register and simply create the website and blog without any cost.

Online Platform to Make Free Website and Blog:






All the above given website are totally free and you just need to register on those and start your FREE Website or Blog.

What is Blog and How to Make Blog?

Blog and website both are different things. If you think that blog and website are same then you are wrong. The concept of blog is totally different from website.  Blog is the medium of knowledge.  For example: suppose if you have a company and you manufacture the products in your company.  You have created the website for selling your products. But for promoting your products you need the Blog that tell to the users about your products.  Today blogging is so much popular. People earn a lot of money from blogging.  If you search anything on Google the solution comes out in the form of blog post. Now come to the point that how to make the Free blog.

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How to Make Free Blog?  

Here we can see about how to make free blog. Free blog means you don’t need to spend any amount for making your blog. If you are going to create blog first time then I will suggest that you should start the blogging free.

There are two popular platforms for making free blog:

  • Blogger
  • Word Press

How to make Make Free website/blog with Blogger

How to make Make Free website Blogger

Blogger is the product of Google. So if you have the Google account then you don’t need to create the account in Blogger. You can access the blogger through your Gmail account.   Follow the below steps and start free blogging through blogger.

  • Open the or
  • Now login with your Gmail account.
  • See the left side and click on “New Blog”
  • One popup will open where you can put the detail of your new blog.
  • Title:- Insert your blog title
  • Address: – Insert the unique blog address here. This address should not be used by any one. When you insert the address here then it will show you whether it is available or not.
  • Template: – Here you can select the design of your blog.
  • After filling all the details click on “Create Blog”
  • Now you free blog is ready. You can check your live blog by putting address in any browser.

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How to make free website/blog with Word Press

How to make free website with Word Press

Making free website or blog in Word Press is also very easy like blogger. Read below given steps and follow these to make your website and blog.

  • Open the in your browser.
  • Here you can see the two options; One is for Website and second one is Blog
  • Select Blog for blogging and Website for Website
  • After selecting Blog then it will ask for blog category
  • Select the specific category related to your blog.
  • Then select the sub category
  • Now select the theme of you blog
  • On next page you need to select the domain name which should be unique
  • Click on “FREE” option on plan page
  • Now you need to create the account by inserting the email id and password. Click on “Create my account” button.
  • Open you email inbox and verify you email id

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Now your free word press blog is ready.  You can create the free website by word press with same method given above. You can check your blog or website with inserting the domain you selected in the browser.

In this post you have learned that how to make free blog or website by blogger or word press. Please share this post to your friends so that they can also start their free blogging and website.


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