How TO Lightening Eyebrow

Tips On Lightening The Eyebrow

The lighter the brows the softer look is assured. However, with the course of brow shaping and time,eyebrow hair grows coarse and unruly. Then the next question in your mind must be how to lighten the eyebrows then? Here, I would talk about some tips on how to lighten your brows.If you’ve ever wondered why celebrities’ look differs from “ordinary” mortals, then you’ll be keen to learn what they do to achieve that sculpted, pouty, desirable goddess look. Makeup, plastic surgery and professional blowouts are just some of the tricks of their trade – but there’s one simple, and very affordable way to transform one’s appearance: lightening one’s eyebrows! Learning how to lighten eyebrows is important to acquire a stylish look. Keep reading to learn how to do it.

Trimming and Shaping Eyebrows

The current light eyebrow trend requires you to keep eyebrow growth to a minimum, but doesn’t mean you have to wax it all off or pluck away until there’s nothing left. Simply clean-up your eyebrow line as much as possible, until it looks thin and groomed in readiness for the next steps.

Threading can help to lightening eyebrows

Threading can really help you to lighten your eyebrow. Threading is ahair removal procedure, which is very common in south Asia and the Middle East. However, the popularity of threading is spreading in the West as well. One can take advantage of threading in any part of the world to make eyebrow look lighter.

With the help of threading, one can get rid of the tiniest hair you wanted to remove. In first few threading session, you might find that your eyes look strange. However, with the time, it will give you good result in return.

Bleaching as another option

The common method for lightening skin and hair is bleaching. So, you can bleach your eyebrow hair off to give them a lighter shade. According to the colour of bleach, the hair on your brows will turn up.

Makeup tips to lighten eyebrow

While doing your make up, if you take care of some aspects then the eyebrows would look lighter automatically. However, you have to be creative enough to know how to play with colours. Yes, when you are using your eye shadow, you have to be careful enough to give more definition and depth to eyes. More depth to eyes means eyebrow should not get more attraction. In order to achieve this, you have to choose the colour of your eye shadow according to your shape, size and colour of your eyes and skin as well. Apart from this, you can also go for natural herbs, which can lighten the brow colour.

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