How To Identify Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease

How To Identify Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease

This disease is caused by certain viruses which are present in the intestines of human beings. As the name suggests, this condition affects the hands, feet and mouth of the patient. The person notices the appearance of rashes which later turn into ulcers.

These ulcers cause extreme pain and discomfort to the patient. There is no actual cure for this condition. Doctors normally prescribe medication that is able to counter the pain and other symptoms. This disease normally affects children and is spread when a healthy child comes in direct contact with a child who is suffering from this condition.

The disease-causing virus spreads through bodily secretions of infected people. There have been certain rare cases of this ailment even among adults. It is important to recognise the symptoms of this condition in its early stages so that the person can get relief by taking the prescribed medicines. The patient also needs to get enough rest till the symptoms subside. This speeds up the process of healing.

Pay Close Attention to Persistent Mouth Pain

One of the initial symptoms of this disease is acute pain in the mouth area. This pain normally occurs in the mouth and throat of the patient. Due to this pain, the patient finds it very difficult to eat or drink normally. This is because the pain gets aggravated when the patient tries to consume anything. If your child complains of this symptom, it is important to seek medical advice.

Look For Rashes or Ulcers

The next step involves checking for any unusual redness or soreness on the hands or feet of the child. The mouth of the child must also be checked. Hand-foot-mouth disease causes the patient to develop reddish rashes that gradually blister and form painful ulcers. The palette, tongue and lips are common places for such blisters.

These blisters initially appear as very tiny red dots on the skin. As time passes by, they become painful lesions that blister and cause acute pain. The patient finds it difficult to consume even a small amount of food or water due to this pain.

Notice Other Common Viral Symptoms

This ailment causes the patient to experience several other symptoms such as fever, body pain, headache, nausea, giddiness and weakness. These symptoms are similar to the symptoms caused by other . These symptoms normally manifest themselves even before the rashes appear. The child becomes irritable because of the discomfort. Very often, the child is not able to sleep properly at night because of the fever and pain.

Watch Out For Unusual Drooling

When rashes or blisters occur in the mouth or throat of the child, the child might begin to drool. This is one of the distinguishing symptoms of hand-foot-mouth disease.

If you notice this symptom in your child, it is important to consult a doctor regarding the possibility of this disease. It is important to exercise caution while dealing with such a situation. This ailment spreads rapidly through body secretions such as saliva. Be careful to wash your hands immediately after dealing with the saliva of the child.


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