How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy

Everyone has had poison Ivy at one time in their life. Some people are naturally immune while others suffer with it horribly. Poison ivy growing in your lawn can be potentially dangerous to anyone who stumbles across it. The rash and irritation that follows a brush with poison ivy can feel almost unbearable. But do you know how to properly get rid of poison ivy in your yard so that it will no longer pose a threat to you? And do you know how to get rid of a poison ivy once its created a painful, itchy rash on your skin?

There are two organic ways to get rid of poison ivy

1. One organic method used to get rid of poison ivy is to pull it out by the roots. The roots must be disposed of; do not burn! Inhaling fumes from burning poison ivy causes far greater health problems than just the rash caused by skin contact.

2. The second organic way is to smother it. To do this you will cut the poison ivy as close to the ground as possible, making sure to take clothing precautions here as well. Once you have cut the poison ivy you will find something like newspaper, or cardboard and cover it. Water the cardboard to make it stick, and then cover with grass clippings. This may take a whole season to work, and you may need to reapply the cover material, but it will work.

Some other ways – How to get rid of poison ivy


Herbicides can also be used to get rid of poison ivy. Roundup spray is a popular glyphosate-based herbicide used to get rid of poison ivy. Another widely-available herbicide is Ortho Brush-B-Gon, which is triclopyr-based. These products will kill a great variety of woody plants, making them effective not only in getting rid of poison ivy, but also another nuisance vine: oriental bittersweet.


Sprays the poison ivy plants with an herbicide, such as Roundup or Ortho Poison Ivy Killer, keeping in mind that they can also kill surrounding plants too.

Call a professional landscaper to remove the poison ivy plants, especially if you have a lot of poison ivy in your yard.

Tips – How to get rid of poison ivy

  1. As soon as you think you may have been exposed to poison ivy, wash anything and everything that may have touched the plant.
  2. Apply soothing lotions such as calamine directly to the poison ivy rash.
  3. OTC oral antihistamines will relieve some of the symptoms of your poison ivy rash.
  4. Use a cool, wet compress to soothe the poison ivy rash.
  5. Be gentle on your poison ivy rash as you are waiting for it to heal.


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