How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Under Eye Dark circles are quite common nowadays. Dark circles are caused due to various factors such as deficiency of iron and vitamins in the body, smoking, over exposure to sun heat,allergies, dieting and so on.There are various types of cosmetic products available in the market which can be used to get rid off such dark circles. However, every possible precaution should be taken while purchasing any such product from the market. It is very important to study the components of any such product in order to identify any allergic and harmful chemical that may have been included in the product.

Home Remedies For Undereye Dark Circles

Rose Water

Rose water has incredible ingredient for skin care. It rejuvenates the skin and has a soothing effect on tired eyes. Due to its mild astringent properties, it also works as agood skin toner

Drink Lots of Water

Dehydration can result in creation of dark circles which can be avoided by drinking plenty of water every day. It is rightly said that our body requires at least eight glasses of water. In order to remove/reduce dark circles, you need to drink sufficient water on a daily basis.

Almond Oil

A completely natural ingredient that benefits skin around your eyes, almond oil helps lighten dark circles. Combine almond oil with vitamin E oil and your dark circles will be history.

 Potato Slice

Potato is a vegetable which is available at most of the times in our kitchen. Cut two thin layers of potato slices and keep them on lids of your eyes. Keep your eyes closed and relax for a minimum period of five minutes.

Relaxing time may vary on case to case basis. After relaxation, wash your eyes with cold water. You can repeat this process daily and observe the level of dark circle reduction.

It is important to note that this remedy can also be used by an individual who does not have dark circles as it also helps in improving blood circulation.

Tomato Eye Toner

Mix juice and fresh juice and massage the eye area with this daily. Leave the toner on for about 20 minutes and wash with water.

Fruits and Vegetables

Nowadays many people prefer to reduce their food consumption in order to reduce weight. However, in case of inadequate diet, dark circles may develop under the eyes.

Even though all diet charts specifically mention intake of fruits and green leafy vegetables as necessary components of the entire dieting process, they are hardly consumed by many individuals who are trying t lose their weight.

Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables when taken on a daily basis can help in preventing dark circles. A diet rich in iron may help a person to reduce the problem of dark circles.

Almond Oil With Honey

Mix some almond oil with half teaspoon of honey/lime juice. Apply this paste on your eye lids and massage in a circular movement before you go to bed.

Wash your eyes with fresh water when you wake up in the morning. Depending upon the level of dark circles, it is a natural remedy which can be used on a daily or a weekly basis.

Rose Water

Take some pieces of cotton or cotton balls and dip in the rose water. Wait for few minutes until cotton gets properly soaked with rose water.

Place cotton balls on the dark circles under your eyes for some time (five to ten minutes). It should be noted that rose water is generally useful for making skin glow.

Herbal Teas

Most of us have smartened up and realized the vagaries of too much sugar in tea and coffee We have switched over to healthier substitutes like herbal teas and non-sugary drinks. If you too have crossed over and drink herbal teas, never throw the tea bags in the bin but keep them refrigerated. Use these on the eyes especially after doing an eye massage.Chamomile tea bags are wonderful for this and have proven to lighten the eye area dramatically!

With these wonderful natural recipes you are now geared up to reduce dark circles. But let me warn you, no skin care routine can ever be complete without its magical ingredient and that is regularity and discipline. So start right away