How To Get Pregnant With Only One Tube


Two healthy fallopian tubes do not mean that you can become pregnant every time you want to. While this is the case, it’s only natural that women who have only one fallopian tube will be entirely depressed and discouraged about pregnancy.

It’s true that having only one fallopian tube reduces your chances of becoming pregnant. But a woman can become pregnant with only a single fallopian tube as well with a bit of time and patience. Eggs are normally released into one fallopian tube every alternate month. This means that the woman has chances of conceiving when the egg is released from the ovary which is nearer to the fallopian tube which is healthy.

Ways To Get Pregnant With Only One Tube

Remain Healthy

As soon as you decide on getting pregnant, you must start following a healthy diet and keep your body ready for pregnancy. You have only one fallopian tube and it is difficult to predict from which ovary the egg is released. So keep your body ready at all times and do everything possible to maximise your chances of becoming pregnant.

Prenatal Vitamins

Take prenatal vitamins like folic acid, iron and calcium way ahead of planning your pregnancy to avoid complications in the foetus. This is important as getting pregnant naturally again could be a difficult feat if you have complications when you are pregnant. Prenatal vitamins are important for the health of the baby.

Track Ovulation

Irrespective of which ovary releases the egg, it is also important to keep trying during the days of ovulation to become pregnant one of these months. So tracking ovulation every month regularly must become part of your routine until you become pregnant.

For this, follow the counting method where you will be most likely be ovulating on the 14th day aftermenstruation when you have a regular 28 day cycle. For longer cycles, you must track your menstrual cycle for 4-5 months and then subtract eighteen from the shortest cycle. This is the number of days you must count after your next period starts to arrive at the

Cervical Mucous And Body Temperature

Another sure way to track you days of ovulation, check for clear, stretchy and abundant cervical mucous which looks like egg white to identify your days of ovulation. If you are checking for basal body temperature, check for a slight rise in body temperature which is less than a degree before you ovulate.

Consult A Doctor

If you have been diligently trying and have not become pregnant even after a year, it is time to consult a doctor to identify any other problems that you may have. It could be that you have one faulty ovary as well which could be on the opposite side of your healthy fallopian tube. In this case, ovulation is impossible and other measures have to be adopted like fertility drugs, assisted reproductive measures etc.

Having one healthy fallopian tube is not the end of the world, considering the fact that women who do not have fallopian tubes too go on to become pregnant through assisted procedures.


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