How To Get Pregnant After A Laparoscopy


Fertility doctors often use laparoscopic surgery to take a look at a woman’s internal organs to find out why she is having trouble getting pregnant.  A laparoscopy is a key hole surgery in which a small hole or incision is made into the uterus. A camera or probe is passed through the hole to see the inside of the uterus. This treatment is chosen for women who have suffered from or fibroids.

The laparoscopic instrument assesses the excess tissue, fibroids, picks it up and removes it. It is an effective surgery for infertile women suffering from endometriosis who have not been able to have a baby.

If the surgery is successful, the woman has a good chance of conceiving. Here are some steps to help you conceive a baby after laparoscopy

Get Pregnant After A Laparoscopy

Chart Your Ovulation

Once the doctor has given the green signal, now is the time to chart your ovulation with the help of ovulation prediction kits, which test the luteinizing hormone. Checking the cervical mucus is also a good option as it helps to tell you when you are likely to ovulate. Taking the basal body temperature, which peaks during ovulation, also helps.

The Length Of Your Cycle

After a laparoscopic surgery, take a note of your your cycle has become slightly irregular, consult your doctor. Keeping a note of the length of your cycles will also give you a rough idea of when you will ovulate and will help you to get pregnant.

Take Rest

It is vital for you to take adequate rest if you are planning on a baby. A laparoscopy surgery is like any other surgery and postoperative care is necessary. Adequate rest will ensure complete healing. Speak to your doctor about the kinds of precautions that you will now need to take and do ask him/her about the waiting period for conception.

Avoid Sex Immediately After The Surgery

While you are keen on having the baby, it is important to let the body heal. So avoid sex for at least 4-5 days after the surgery. When you resume sex, see if you are experiencing pain. If uncomfortable, wait for a few more days before resuming sexual relations.

Take Care Of The Incision

It is also important to wait for the incision site to heal before you start planning for a baby. Clean the incision site daily as per the doctors instructions to promote faster healing.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

At times laparoscopy is used to unblock fallopian tubes that may be causing infertility. Once the blocks have been removed, getting pregnant should not be a problem.

Eat Well

It is also important for women to be on a nourishing diet and eat well after their surgery to improve their chances of getting pregnant. They should also take all the vital prenatal vitamins to ensure a healthy pregnancy.