How To Get Pregnant After A Copper IUD

Pregnant After A Copper IUD

Intra uterine devices are not hormone based and hence require less time for recovery of fertility after you are off them. Copper IUD is one of the most common procedures of intrauterine devices used for contraception. Copper IUDs are suitable for women who are hormone sensitive or are at high risk of developing cancers with birth pills.

They can help when you want to precisely time your pregnancy so that you can get the device off and start planning right away. All you need to do after removing a copper IUD is to track your ovulation cycle, plan your physical union and wait patiently.

Ways To Get Pregnant After A Copper IUD

Removal Of Copper IUD

After you have decided to get pregnant, visit a gynaecologist to get the copper IUD removed from your body. This does not require any planning as a copper IUD can be removed at any time and it will have no effect on your impending menstruation or ovulation cycle. After the removal, your doctor may ask you to go through certain tests to determine the hormone levels and readiness for pregnancy the natural way.


Once the copper IUD is removed, you can wait for your next menstrual cycle to start which will be in the expected day as usual as copper IUDs do not tamper with your menstruation or ovulation dates. Remember that if you are planning to become pregnant immediately after removal of the IUD, you must have started on a well balanced diet and take adequate vitamins like folic acid which is essential for pregnancy before you remove your copper IUD. This will keep your body healthy and help you attain pregnancy faster.

Ovulation Days

Track the ovulation by using a basal body calculator, ovulation kit, cervical mucous etc., whichever is convenient for you. This is essential as your fertile days help you to plan your intercourse ahead and your partner can also be well prepared by keeping his sperm count strong by abstaining from sex a couple of days before the fertile days start. The cervix will also have risen to its highest point, and is very soft and open during the fertile days. When all these factors are checked and found to be conducive, have intercourse and wait for the results.

Result Check

Never expect result in the first attempt itself as a woman might take anywhere between 6-12 months to become pregnant naturally. Very few women are lucky enough to get pregnant in the first attempt. Always keep a home pregnancy check kit ready so that you can check for yourself every month.

Also, be aware of the first signs of pregnancy to predict for yourself before you test. If negative, you must follow the same cycle of keeping track of your ovulation and timing your intercourse during the fertile days to help your body get the maximum chances of becoming pregnant naturally.

After several months of trying if you have still not become pregnant, you might require the assistance of a fertility specialist. If you start regretting that your fertility problems are the result of inserting a copper IUD, it is time to change your attitude. Copper IUDs do not cause infertility as it is anon hormone based contraceptive method.


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