How to Get Google Index Your New Website Quickly

How to Get Google Index Your New Website Quickly

In this article you will learn about how to get google index your new website quickly and increase search result. How to increase search ranking of your blog post? All the blogger try to write the unique and great article. After writing the post they published their post. After publishing your post does not come into Google search result soon. Because the Google does not index your blog post soon. Once the Google index your post then it will show in the search result. The blogger worry when their post does not visible in the Google search result. Now you do not need to worry, we will list the simple and easy tricks to index your post in 1 minute and that will come in search result on same day. Read this post and enjoy the blogging.

Use Fetch as Google for Index Quickly on Google

If you want to crawl and index your post quickly then you can use the very important tool i.e. Fetch as Google. Fetch as Google is for bloggers and webmaster. You can index and increase the search visibility by using Fetch as Google tool. Once the Google crawl your post then only user can see your post in the search result. We are talking about how to index post in Google quickly? We will explain some tips that you need to follow for index the post in one minute. Your post will appears in search within 5-10 minutes after publishing.

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How to get post in Google Search quickly

1) First sign in your Google webmaster account.

2) Now add your website in Google webmaster and verify.

3) Now select the blog which posts you need to submit.

4) Now Click on Crawl in the site dashboard.

5) Here you can seen the fetch as Google option.

6) Click on Fetch as Google.

7) Here a page has been open, you can see the text box where your domain name visible.

8) In this text box put the url of your blog post which you want to index and visible in the search result quickly.

9) Don’t paste the main domain name in this text box. Just put the url of blog post after the main domain.

10) Here you can also see the dropdown with the options like Desktop and Mobile.

11) Select any one option.

12) Now click on the Fetch button.

13) Then a popup window will be open.

14) In this popup window select crawl only this URL option.

15) Now click on Go button.

16) You have successfully done now. Your blog post url has been successfully submitted for index on Google.

17) after 4-5 minutes you can see your blog post in Google search result.

So guys in this post you have gone through the smart tips for indexing the blog post in Google very quickly. Start using these tips and increase your post search result in Google. Please share this post to your friends if you like it. So that they can also take the advantage of these tips.

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