How to get DoFollow Backlink From Reddit


How to get Dofollow backlink from reddit is very important to increase the site traffic and increase the Alexa Ranking. and increase your page rank in search results for your organic traffic.There are two types of backlinks, one is DoFollow and second one is NoFollow.

DoFollow Backlink Example: <a href=>Dofollow Backlink</a> If you see this type of url the it is DoFollow Backlinks. Replace with your site URL.

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NoFollow Backlink Example: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>NoFollow Backlinks</a> If you see this type of URl then it is called NoFollow Backlinks.

Why we need DoFollow Backlinks?

  1. It Increase the blog domain authority.
  2. DoFollow Backlink is more trusted and unique.
  3. DoFollow backlinks helps to boost your site traffic.
  4. It also helps to increase the search engine ranking.
  5. More important, it will increase your Adsense CPC.

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Now here we will learn to build high quality dofollow backlinks from Reddit

Reddit is the most popular bookmarking site over the world. On the Reddit millions of users share the blog post or websites. This will increase the ranking of websites.

Just follow the below simple steps to make the high quality backlinks from Reddit.

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  1. Go to The Official Reddit website
  2. Create the new account on reddit
  3. Reddit will send a link in your email box to verify the email, verify it.
  4. After verification login with your credential on Reddit site
  5. See in the right “Submit a New Link” and click on this button.
  6. Here you can see the Link option. Insert your blog URL and Title of your blogging site.
  7. Click on Submit and you can see the backlink generated as per below image

I hope this useful post will help to get the good quality backlink from Reddit and your website will boost the traffic and ranking as well.

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